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New ribbon Selector: choose the right ribbons for your needs

If you are already an ID Security Online customer, you know that we are constantly looking for ways to improve your shopping experience and make sure that you build a successful ID card program.

With that objective in mind, we have just developed a new ribbon selector to help you choose the right color ribbon for your printer.

Each manufacturer offers many options, from YMCKO to YMCKOK or half-panel color ribbons. So which one do you really need? Follow these steps to make the right decision every single time.

IDPlus Support Program: get an ID expert at your service

We have designed a unique support program called IDPlus to help you with your ID card program at all times.

This program includes key features such as:

  • Superior Customer Support on all items
    Do you need help with your ID card system? We got you covered for life! Call us at 1-800-897-7024 whenever you need it and get answers fast!
  • Warranty and Non-Warranty Repairs
    If your printer is under warranty, we will fix it at no charge! Beyond the warranty period, we will service your printer at the best rates of the market.
  • Certified Repair Center
    ID Security Online is a certified repair center for all major card printer brands. We stock all parts to fix your printer fast and minimize downtime.

ID Security Online now offers FREE shipping on $50+ orders

Good news! ID Security Online sets a new standard in the ID card industry by providing all its customers with FREE UPS ground shipping on all $50+ orders.

This unique shipping policy will translate into additional savings for all our customers who were already getting the best deals on all ID card solutions.

This decision is part of our commitment to delivering superior customer service and support. Now our customers do not have to pay any extra fees if they need to order one card printer ribbon or a box of cards.

No coupon code is required as free UPS shipping is automatically applied to all $50+ orders.

Have questions? Call us at 1-800-897-7024 or visit

Mobile version of now available

We are happy to announce that you can now connect to your favorite ID store on the go! The mobile version of gives you quick access to all the major sections of our site: our ID card printers and photo ID systems, card printer supplies and full customer support.

User-friendly and easy-to-use, our mobile site is loaded with features:

  • One-click call to talk to an ID expert;
  • Get a free quote instantly;
  • Order a brand new card printer or consumables for your solution within seconds;
  • Read the latest posts on our blog;
  • Check out our videos to learn more about a product or get support on your printer;
  • Contact our certified repair center to get your card printer fixed;

Trade in your old card printer and save!

Hanging on to your outdated card printer might be costing you way more than you think.

Here are the facts:

    Consumables and parts for an outdated printer can cost you twice as much as supplies for a new machine.
    New printers are faster, which means that you will increase productivity and therefore profitability.
    The latest printers are more durable to significantly reduce downtime and issue highly secure badges.
    The maintenance costs of a discontinued printer are substantial. Changing a printhead will cost you hundreds of dollars if your printer is out of warranty.

    ID Security Online Earns Better Business Bureau Accreditation

    We are very happy to announce that ID Security Online has earned full accreditation with the Better Business Bureau along with an A rating.

    The Better Business Bureau is dedicated to fostering honest and responsive relationships between businesses and consumers. With this accreditation, the BBB recognizes ID Security Online as a trustworthy company that fully meets its high standards of excellence.

    Temporary Badges and the Visitor Management System

    Businesses and institutions in general, have an obvious need to protect themselves from suspect individuals entering into their workplaces and causing damage. The news is littered of people walking into private buildings and shooting people. Cases of fraud and threats by corporations trying to acquire valuable information are serious and businesses have looked for an appropriate means to identify who is in their buildings. Either the people work in the office, visitors who are here for a meeting or to carry out maintenance or a delivery and those who simply should not be in the building at all.

    Top-selling ID card printers of 2013. #1: Fargo DTC1000

    We are continuing our countdown of the 3 best-selling ID card printers of 2013 and the First place goes to...

    the Fargo DTC1000 ID card printer.

    The Fargo DTC1000 ID card printer has been designed for small businesses and organizations that need a simple, reliable, and affordable solution to issue high-quality cards and badges. The Fargo DTC1000 card printer comes in single or dual-sided models and offers optional encoding options to store data in cards with magnetic stripe or smart cards.

    Fargo has just launched an enhanced version of the DTC1000 called DTC1250e.

    Top-selling ID card printers of 2013. #2: Fargo HDP5000

    We are continuing our countdown of the 3 best-selling ID card printers of the year and the 2nd place goes to...

    the Fargo HDP5000 ID card printer.

    Fargo has launched an enhanced version of its HDP5000 printer this year and the success has been immediate. The HDP5000 produces ID cards with the highest image quality available. By printing a reverse image on the underside of HDP Film, then fusing the film to the card surface, the HDP5000 creates superb image quality.

    Top-selling ID card printers of 2013. #3: Zebra ZXP3

    As 2013 comes to a close, we are counting down the 3 best-selling ID card printers of the year.

    The 3rd place goes to the compact yet reliable Zebra ZXP3 ID card printer.

    The Zebra ZXP3 printer is built to deliver high-quality badges at a low cost per card. Available with single or dual-sided printing capabilities, it is also loaded with user-friendly features to simplify your ID card printing process.

    Introducing the new line of Fargo DTC ID card printers

    Introducing the new line of Fargo DTC ID card printers

    HID Fargo has released a new entry-level card printer called C50, along with the new DTC1250e, DTC4250e, and DTC4500e models that are enhanced versions of the DTC1000, DTC4000 and DTC4500 card printers.

    C50 ID card printer:

    The Fargo C50 ID Card Printer is an affordable single-sided solution to print professional ID cards and badges on demand. It comes with Built-in Swift ID™ badging application to help you create ID badges in seconds without having to install any additional software.

    Get a FREE consultation with an ID expert!

    Get a FREE consultation with an ID expert!

    Buying an ID card solution is a significant investment for many organizations. Purchasing the right ID card printer is the first step to building a successful ID Card program.

    Your company is unique and so are your needs. Whether you are looking to print employee IDs to keep your staff safe and secure, access control badges to protect your assets, or loyalty cards to increase your sales, we will provide you with a solution that meets your requirements.

    NEW! IDP card printers now available!

    NEW! IDP card printers now available!

    We are very happy to announce that we are now reselling the line of IDP ID Card printers.

    If you are looking for a reliable ID card printer that won't break the bank, look no further!  Easy-to-use and affordable, the range of IDP ID card printers will meet all your requirements, whether you need single-sided employee badges or highly secure laminated credentials.

    My first purchase of an ID card printer - 5/5

    At ID Security Online, we value our customers' feedback. 

    That is why we have decided to share with you the experience of one of our clients who needed to purchase an ID card printer for the first time. In this last post, Patricia learns about the benefits of ID car software.

    I had one last thing to figure out: do I need ID card software? The answer was yes, mainly because I needed to import my database to create all my badges at once. 

    My first purchase of an ID card printer - 4/5

    At ID Security Online, we value our customers' feedback. 

    That is why we have decided to share with you the experience of one of our clients who needed to purchase an ID card printer for the first time. In this fourth post, Patricia finds out more about the different ribbons that an ID card printer uses.

    “Evidently, ID Card printers don’t use a standard ink cartridge that laser and inkjet printers do. ID Card printers use ribbons, which are plastic cartridges with ink on a film. I assumed a double-sided printer would need two ribbons to operate. Yet again, I was wrong.

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