Dual Sided ID Card Printers

Dual Sided ID Card Printers are designed to print on both sides of your cards in one pass.

  • Wide range of dual sided card printers to print high-quality badges in color or monochrome.
  • Direct to card or reverse transfer technology
  • Magnetic and smart card encoding options
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Dual-sided ID card printers are built to issue dual-sided badges in high quality. Before choosing your dual-sided ID card printer, consider these points to make the right decision.

  • Direct-to-card printing vs. retransfer: most dual-sided ID card printers are direct-to-card printers but for over the edge printing (no white border around your printed cards), retransfer printers are also available. Retransfer dual-sided ID card printers provide unmatched print quality, even on uneven surfaces (proximity cards, smart cards, or pre-punched cards).
  • USB vs. Ethernet: all dual-sided ID card printers come with USB connection but if your printer will be on a network, don’t forget to select a printer with Ethernet connectivity. Some printers even offer Ethernet as standard.
  • Windows vs. Mac: make sure that the dual-sided card printer that you select is compatible with the operating system that you use, especially if you are using a brand new computer or if you are using a Mac.
  • Basic vs. encoding options: if you need to print and encode data on magnetic or smart cards, opt for a card printer with the right encoder. Most dual-sided ID card printers offer optional encoding capabilities.
  • Lamination module: some dual-sided ID card printers come with a lamination module to apply a protective layer on one side or both sides of your cards. If you need highly-secure badges, select a dual-sided ID card printer with lamination.


Several options are available to convert your dual-sided ID card printer into a powerful encoding machine.

The easiest – and most inexpensive – way to add data is through barcodes. No need for a specific encoder: all you have to do is add a barcode in the design of your cards through your software. 

If you need to print and encode cards with a magnetic stripe, choose a dual-sided ID card printer with a magnetic encoder. Widely used in access control and time & attendance, magnetic cards are an affordable choice for your badges.

If you need more secure badges, opt for a dual-sided card printer with smart card encoder. With contact and contactless smart cards, the data is securely encoded into an embedded chip. To store data and to be read, a contact smart card must be inserted into a reader, when contactless smart cards only need to be waved within range of a reader. Perfect for student IDs, healthcare cards, loyalty cards or government IDs, smart cards can now easily be created with a dual-sided card printer with smart card encoder.


Dual-sided ID card printers are used in all industries because they can basically print any card or badge! Here are a few ideas of what your card printer can do for your organization:

  • ID cards: print high-qualityID cards for your employees, students or visitors and identify at a glance every person who belongs in your facility.
  • Access control badges: keep track of who enters and exits your premises with access control badges to secure your company, school or building.
  • Time & attendance badges: your dual-sided ID card printer allows you to track your employees, visitors or students and even print a schedule on the back of your cards.
  • Loyalty cards: boost your sales, create value for your existing customers and attract new clients with stunning loyalty cards.
  • Membership cards: print sharp membership cards to offer special incentives to your customers and facilitate access to your facility.
  • Payment cards: Issue payment cards, gift cards, or IDs with cashless payment options thanks to your ID card printer.

Your dual-sided ID card printer can also turn into a powerful marketing tool. Printing high-quality badges can be instrumental in giving a great first impression to potential customers and enhancing your brand image.

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