How to choose the right ID card software

If you have already implemented an ID card program, you know how important your ID card software is. Not only does it help you design professional badges but it also manages your cardholders’ data and adds various features to your cards.

Before making a buying decision, identify your needs and consider these key features:

  • Database functionality: some programs come with an internal database, which allows you to save your cards and cardholder data for easy reprints. Entry-level software typically does not have this option so check the specs of your software carefully. Also, all programs do not support external database connectivity so if you need to import an Excel database for instance, make sure that your software will allow it. An easy way to know if you will need database functionality is to define the number of cards that you will print: if you print more than 100 cards per year, chances are that you will need this option.
  • Encoding options:  if you need to print and encode magnetic, smart contact or contactless cards, you will need a program that fully supports your encoding option. You can usually add barcodes with any software version although entry-level software might not be compatible with 2D barcodes. 
  • Network connectivity: this option allows multiple workstations to share a common database over a network. Fully-featured software is network compatible, which is particularly appreciated by large organizations.
  • Advanced security features: there are multiple ways to add security to your cards. Some programs will allow you to add watermarks to your design. Also, some advanced versions of ID card software include password protection and user permissions to control the use of the printer.
  • Operating systems: all programs are compatible with Microsoft Windows but only CardPresso is fully compatible with Mac.

For more information, visit our ID software page or call us at 1-800-897-7024. An ID expert will answer all your questions and help you choose the right solution for your needs.

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