Tips to fix ribbon breaking issues

You are trying to print your badges but your ribbon keeps breaking. The good news is that this issue can easily be fixed.

  • The first step is to clean your card printer. Follow the recommendations of your card printer manufacturer to clean printer and printhead. Dust and debris can damage your printer and considerably impact print quality.
  • Then, check the design of your cards. A common mistake is to create full-bleed designs and try to print over the edge of the card. Direct-to-card printers are built to print close to the edge. That’s why your ribbon will break if you are trying to print over the edge.
  • If you absolutely need to print full-bleed badges, look into retransfer printers.
  • Also, recalibrate the ribbon sensors. Check the recommendations of your card printer manufacturer and follow all steps. Calibrating the sensors will ensure optimal use of your printer and ribbon.
  • Finally, verify your print settings. If you adjust the intensity and contrast of your cards, make sure that they are not too high. If you do so, the heat needed to apply these settings will break your ribbon. Always change the default settings gradually until satisfied.
  • Also, here is a great tip to keep in mind: if you ribbon breaks, don’t throw it away. Just tape it back together, roll it forward and start printing again. It is that easy!

If you have questions, feel free to call us at 1-800-897-7024 to talk to an ID expert.

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