Magicard ID Card Printers

Magicard ID Card Printers are easy to use, reliable, and highly secure, with fast printing capabilities providing an efficient solution for id card printing needs.

Magicard ID Card Printers stand out in the market due to their durability, user-friendly nature, and top-notch security features. These printers are designed to cater to all your ID Badging needs, offering high-definition printing for both single and double-sided cards. These high-definition single or dual-sided printers offer a seamless, user-friendly experience to provide fast and durable ID Card printing. What sets these printers apart is the innovative HoloKote technology, an exclusive patented and cost-free watermark-like feature that adds a dynamic layer of protection to your cards.

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Magicard ID card printers are unique on the market. Flexible and modular, each printer is designed to adapt to your needs: 

  1. Pronto 100: Easy-to-use and budget-friendly, this single-sided single-feed card printer delivers high-quality badges in moments, along with enhanced security and digital shredding. It’s the smallest, fastest, best quality ID card printer in its class.
  2. Magicard 300: Offers single or dual-sided printing capabilities and comes with a wide range of field-upgradable options. It boasts several advancements for high-quality and secure ID card printing—like anti-fraud HoloKote watermarks, wide-color-spectrum printing, and pioneering digital shredding™ technology.
  3. Magicard 600: A world-class ID printing solution delivering high-quality cards, incredibly fast print times, and fine detail and vibrant colors. Advanced security features include anti-fraud HoloKote watermarks, digital shredding, built-in Nessus Pro security scans, and threat benchmarking—for highly-secure badges on the spot.
  4. Prima 8: Single or dual-sided high-quality retransfer printer with optional encoding capabilities.
  5. Magicard Ultima: Photo-quality over-the-edge retransfer printing with built-in visual security and quick print speeds. The Ultima offers secure HoloKote watermarks and higher definition print quality allowing successful printing even on smart cards with uneven surfaces.


Magicard ID card printers are designed to issue high-quality cards and badges for all applications. To choose the right printer, consider these differentiating features:

  • Single vs. dual-sided: the Pronto is single-sided only while all other Magicard ID card printers can be upgraded to duplex with a drop-in ribbon.
  • Card feeder vs. manual feeding: the Pronto is a single-feed printer, perfect for card issuance on the spot. For batch printing, choose the Enduro+ or Rio Pro as they both include a 100-card feeder.
  • USB vs. Ethernet: All Magicard ID card printers come with USB connection. Ethernet is optional on the Enduro+ and standard on the Rio Pro.
  • Basic vs. encoding options: if you need to print and encode data on magnetic or smart cards, opt for a card printer with the right encoder. All Magicard ID card printers offer optional encoding capabilities.


Magicard ID card printers come with unique visual security features for highly-secure badges. The specificity of these tools is that they are printed with Magicard standard consumables, which means that there is no additional cost for you.

HoloKote®: available with all Magicard ID card printers, this patented tool prints secure watermarks into the overlay panel of your printed cards. The HoloKote® watermark becomes visible when the card is tilted for maximum security.Choose between four different patterns printed repeatedly across your card or go for custom patterns with the Rio Pro printer.

HoloPatch®: HoloPatch® is another exclusive feature to Magicard and consists of applying a highly reflective gold patch on the top right corner of your cards. The logo of one of your HoloKote security watermarks becomes clearly visible when you view your cards at an angle. It also helps authenticate your cards from a distance.

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