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At IDSecurityOnline, we sell an extensive collection of card printer supplies for the lowest prices. We sell both color and monochrome card printer ribbons, and other essential supplies like plastic cards, cleaning supplies, and overlaminates.

We sell supplies for every model and manufacturer, even those hard-to-find printer supplies for discontinued models. At IDSecurityOnline, we give you the fair prices you can afford to buy all of the supplies that go with the exact model that you have.

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How to Choose the Right ID Card Printer Ribbon offers a seemingly endless range of ribbon supplies-and navigating the choices can be a little confusing. But don't be intimidated; with a few pointers, making the correct ribbon choice for your printer and your printing needs isn't that hard after all.

Choosing the right printer ribbon is well worth a little focus. The options sometimes seem the same, but they're not. Be aware that while more than one ribbon may work with your printer, each ribbon has distinct features and minor differences that can make a big impact on printing outcomes (from flawless printing to technical problems). First, note that the card printer ribbons are printer-brand and printer-model specific. Printers require specifically designed ribbons.

When comparing and selecting ribbons, let's consider some basics. Ribbons are identified by "letters," in different combinations. The ribbon's color and other features are denoted with letters. Each letter identifies a color or overlay the ribbon can produce. For example, a ribbon identified with all the letters below can print those colors and produce the overlay. YMCKO is an abbreviation used to describe the color panels contained in a PVC printer ribbon. Those labeled "YMCK" can print in color and monochrome, but can't do overlay.

  • Y = Yellow
  • M = Magenta or Red
  • C = Cyan or Blue
  • K = Black
  • O or T = clear overlay (overcoat and topcoat protective layer that prevents colors from rubbing off)

Some specialty ribbons also have an "I" or "F" panel; "I" stands for "inhibitor panel," which is used to avoid printing on certain areas of the card, and "F" is for fluorescent.

The correct ribbon choice depends on the printer used and what content is printed on each side of the card. To print color on any card side requires the YMCK or YMCKT ribbon.

Half-Panel Ribbons - If you don't need full color printing over the entire card surface, "half-panel" ribbons can save money. These ribbons have short panels of YMC-capable of printing an ID photo. The remaining panels are full-size black resin and clear overcoat, allowing text and finishing to be applied over the whole card. Don't use these ribbons if you need color over an entire side of the card!

If you're unsure what you'll need to properly print your ID cards, it's best to call and talk to an ID Professional at IDSecurityOnline. We can ensure you're getting exactly the right ribbons for your card printer-and avoid returns, replacements, and wasted supplies.
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