Make your printer evolve with your needs!

Make your printer evolve with your needs!

If you purchased an ID card printer, you might be part of the vast majority who buy “Basic” printers: no encoding, single-sided capabilities, USB only.

Those printers are perfect to personalize ID badges with names, pictures, logos and barcodes. But what happens if one day, you are asked to print and encode magnetic cards or if you need a dual-sided printer to add more information on the back of your cards? Should you just get another printer?

Here is the thing with card printers today: many machines can easily be upgraded onsite! Let’s say you have a single-sided printer and you want dual-sided capabilities, you can get an upgrade kit and do it yourself in no time! With some card printer manufacturers, this can be done with an activation key or a special upgrade ribbon.

Most manufacturers also offer upgrade kits to turn a USB-only machine to a USB and Ethernet printer.

You can also add encoding options such as Magnetic, Smart contact or contactless modules. For most printers, this process should be done by your ID reseller.

In all cases, check the optional upgrades for your printer to see which ones are field upgradable.

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