My first purchase of an ID card printer - 3/5

My first purchase of an ID card printer - 3/5

At ID Security Online, we value our customers' feedback. 

That is why we have decided to share with you the experience of one of our clients who needed to purchase an ID card printer for the first time. The third installment is all about choosing between a single- and a dual-sided ID card printer.

"I noticed that all six brands carried by ID Security Online have both single and duplex models. There is that word again, “Duplex”. Although this time I have figured out what it means. Duplex is a fancy word for double-sided, which in layman’s terms means the card printer is capable of printing on both sides of the card using an automatic flip module. The module allows the card to be printed without having to touch it in between. I did discover that with a single-sided printer you could flip the cards manually if you wanted to.

To best fit my companies needs I will need to print on both sides of the card, but flipping the cards manually didn’t seem like a big deal to me. The sales person told me that when I touch the blank cards my skin adds oil onto the cards, which would leave me with a lesser print quality. It would be nice to be able to print “If you find this card please return this card to...” and our address on the back of the cards. The sales person explained they make single sided printers that can be upgraded later! How cool is that, with the addition of a flipper unit on certain models and a key for others you can turn a single-sided printer into a double-sided printer at anytime.

The sales person gave me a few different printer options, some single-sided and some double-sided printers. I was torn between the two but after speaking with him in more detail about how many cards I will be printing, a duplex printer better suits my needs. Whew! I’m getting there, at least I know I need a duplex DTC card printer, which is way more than I knew this morning!”