Event ID Card Printers

Make your attendees, staff and visitors stand out from the crowd with high-quality oversized ID badges. IDSecurityOnline offers a full line of ID card printers for all your event badges: add a picture, logo or text to your cards and print IDs in sharp, vivid colors. Issuing durable event credentials has never been easier.


Zebra ZC10L Single Sided ID Card Printer

Item#: ZC10L-00QT0US00
Retail Price: $9835.00
Sale Price: $5750.00
  • Single sided printing
  • 1-year unlimited warranty on printer and printhead

SwiftColor Oversized Credential Printer

Item#: SCC-4000D
Retail Price: $9995.00
Sale Price: $7980.00
  • Single sided printing
  • 1-year warranty

2XL+ Accreditation Printer for Large Sized Plastic Badges

Item#: 10125
Retail Price: $9894.50
Sale Price: $8200.00
  • 2-year warranty

XCR100 High Security Printer for Large Sized Plastic Badges

Item#: 10130
Retail Price: $10400.00
Sale Price: $8500.00
  • 2-year warranty


Not sure what printer will work best for your event? Call us at 800-897-7024 or email sales@IDSecurityOnline.com to request free sample cards. We can also customize your sample cards with your own artwork.


Why should i choose A LARGE FORMAT card printer?

An oversized ID card printer is ideal for the following applications:

  • Sporting Events: Fan, Press, Special-access passes
  • Concerts: Guest, Backstage or VIP passes; Press passes; Security credentials
  • Conferences: Staff and Guest passes or IDs
  • Festivals: Guest and VIP access passes/badges

How do I choose the right oversized card printer?

When choosing an oversized ID card printer, you must consider the following: do I need a portable solution? How much information do I need to print? Will I be using a PC or a Mac? Do I need edge-to-edge printing? Mac compatible, the 2XL+ is a great compact solution, ideal to issue badges onsite. For pre-printing or high-volume, the ZC10L, XL8300 and SwiftColor SCC-4000D are great options.

How do I order preprinted cards?

You can get your preprinted badges from us. Our art department can also assist you with the design of your cards. Once you receive your cards, you can easily personalize them with your large format printer. Add a picture, logo or text to your cards and print IDs in sharp, vivid colors. Issuing durable event IDs has never been easier.

Can I rent printers from IDSecurityOnline?

Yes. IDSecurityOnline has designed a comprehensive rental program to help you get the printers that you need whenever you need them. You will get a solution fully customized to your event including printers, supplies and cards. Our ID experts are also available to assist you should you need assistance before, during or after your event.

DOES IDSecurityOnline OFFER TECHNICAL Support ?

Absolutely. IDSecurityOnline’s team of technicians is fully certified to service and repair all ID card printers. If you experience any issues, call us toll-free at 800-897-7024 to speak with one of our knowledgeable technicians. IDSecurityOnline is also a certified repair center so if your printer needs to be fixed, we will do so in a timely manner.

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Top brands trust us