What can I do with ID cards?

ID cards are now used in pretty much every industry. Here is an overview of what ID cards can do for your business.

  • Corporate. Secure ID badges allow you to identify your employees and visitors, and control access to your premises for a safer workplace. Design and issue photo IDs with your logo, text and pictures. For a higher level of security, add a barcode or encode data on a magnetic stripe or smart card.  Your ID cards become multifunctional badges and may serve for time and attendance and access control to company property.
  • Education. ID cards have been widely adopted in all educational structures: not only do they help keep students and staff safe but they also make daily tasks much easier to manage. For example, a photo ID badge can help you visually identify students, staff and visitors, but it can also be used to control access to your school, manage equipment checkouts and lunch programs, and even pay for campus purchases.
  • Healthcare. Identify doctors, nurses, staff and visitors with secure ID cards. Knowing who is in your facility and in which area is critical to ensure the safety of all. Visual IDs help you determine at a glance if a given person is allowed in the premises or not. You can also store the patient data in the card. This process speeds up registration but also offers a secure and efficient way to access quickly critical information such as health records, allergies, and medications.
  • Government. Government IDs such as driver’s licenses, national ID cards, or government employee badges require a very high level of security. Apply holographic overlays or patches to the card to significantly reduce the risk of fraud and counterfeiting, while extending the lifespan of your cards. Most government agencies use custom holograms: designing a custom film makes badges completely unique and extremely secure. You can also encode data securely in the card. Contact or contactless smart card technology is a proven solution to store valuable information in a chip.
  • Events. Reduce lines at the registration desk, control access to the venue and ensure a smooth flow of attendees and visitors with event badges. Print ID badges for your exhibitors, visitors, staff and guests. Event badges can be basic IDs with the name of the visitor and/or a picture. Add a barcode to further control access to your venue and keep track of traffic at entry and exit points. For increased security, encode data on a badge with magnetic stripe, or a smart card.
  • Retail. Print loyalty cards, membership cards and even gift cards on demand. Print unique cards with your logo, company name and information. The most common system features an ID card printer with a magnetic encoder so that customers’ balances and activities can be tracked with every card swipe. Loyalty cards make customers feel special and valued by a brand. They are therefore more likely to repeat purchases more often. Gift cards have also become extremely popular. They encourage people who might not otherwise visit your business to take a look around and likely return to make additional purchases. Plus, as people purchase gift cards for their friends on birthdays or holidays, your brand continues to be dispersed among new customers.
  • Transportation. Print and encode customer passes with your ID card system. The magnetic stripe technology is widely used for customer passes: the rider swipes the card when boarding, allowing access while deducting the fare from the customer’s balance. Recently, large public transportation systems have opted for smart contactless cards. The rider only needs to wave the card in front of the reader, and access is granted. This system allows more people to go through much faster, reducing at the same time the ecological impact of paper tickets. Contactless smart cards are also ideal for parking lots and ramps, allowing fast access without time-consuming payment at exits. Also used for parking meters, these cards allow convenient, cash-free parking.

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