Which supplies do I need for a retransfer card printer?

Which supplies do I need for a retransfer card printer?

The list of supplies that you need for your retransfer printer is quite different from what you would get for a direct-to-card printer. Follow this quick checklist to get stunning badges and protect your investment.

1.     Retransfer film: In retransfer printers, the printhead does not come in direct contact with your card: your card design is printed into a clear film called retransfer film. This film is then is fused onto the surface of the card to produce over-the-edge badges in vibrant colors.

2.     Composite cards: these cards are 60% PVC and 40% PET, a durable material with great flexibility. Composite cards are highly recommended for retransfer printers because they are heat resistant and won’t bend under high temperatures. They also extend the lifespan of your cards for badges that last.

3.     Printer ribbons: the retransfer film adds a layer of protection to your cards eliminating the need to buy a color ribbon with an Overlay panel (‘O’ or ‘T’). Stick to YMC or YMCK ribbons for full color on one side of your cards.

Do not forget to clean your printer regularly. Follow the recommendations of your card printer manufacturer to get superior print quality and keep your warranty.

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