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Zebra® ZXP SERIES 3 ID Card Printer — Printer of the Week

This week’s featured printer is the Zebra® ZXP SERIES 3 ID Card Printer, a turnkey solution that affordably provides outstanding print quality and vivid colors. Designed for instant card issuance, this card printer is a rock-solid value and handles any organization’s basic card-production requirements with impressive easy-to-use results.

Zebra® ZXP SERIES 1 ID Card Printer — Printer of the Week

We like to provide organizations with great information that supports effective evaluation of our card-printing solutions. These product reviews help customers to better distinguish among the many card printers available today, and select just the right ID Card Printer for their needs and budgets. 

This week’s featured printer is the Zebra® ZXP SERIES 1 ID Card Printer, an entry-level solution that provides first-class print quality. Designed for low-volume applications and/or instant card issuance, this card printer is a rock-solid value and handles any organization’s basic card-production requirements with impressive results. 

Fargo® HDP5000 High Definition Printer/Encoder — Printer of the Week

To ensure you have key information to effectively evaluate card-printing solutions we often provide reviews of our ID card printers, which helps you distinguish among the many card printers available today, and select the right ID Card Printer for your needs today.

This week’s featured printer is the Fargo® HDP5000 High Definition Card Printer/Encoder, a powerful device that once again sets Fargo apart as the ID card industry leader. This is a printer we think our customers should be excited about.

The Importance Of Cleaning Your ID Badge Printer

Let’s face it: when working at the office, cleaning the ID card printer is not at the top of your priority list. In fact, most of the time the printers go without being cleaned which results in frequent functionality problems. Little does everyone know that cleaning ID card printers is crucial to extending the life of your printer as well as keeping it working at its optimum performance level.

Fargo® DTC1250e Direct to Card Printer — Printer of the Week

With so many card printers to choose from, it’s helpful to have some detail and perspective on how various models can best serve users’ needs. We like to feature our printers to ensure that customers get a chance to fairly evaluate the card-printing solution that works best for their circumstances. Goes Green with GreenChip Electronic Waste Solutions

We are proud to announce that we have partnered with GreenChip Electronic Waste Solutions, an industry leader in sustainable and responsible electronics recycling, to recycle ID Card Printers and help divert electronic waste from landfills.

Massive amounts of electronic waste, or e-waste are being generated at an alarming rate. E-waste currently represents 70% of America's overall toxic waste trash in landfills. Some materials such as lead, cadmium, and mercury, can be toxic and contaminate the environment.

ID Card Software — Why Users Need the Right Software to Produce Professional ID Badges

ID card software is the core component of your ID card program — it’s the engine that allows you to design your cards, customize elements, store and reuse or access cardholder data, and print personalized badges. It governs your flexibility and the system’s utility.

If you want to make the most of your ID Card/Badge system, selecting the right software is critical. You need to first understand available software choices and their features and functions. Second, carefully evaluate your organization’s ID needs. Then you can wisely select the software that allows you to meet those needs.

Cost-effective ribbon solutions

Choosing the right ribbon for your card printer can help you save a lot and increase your card production rate significantly. This is particularly true if you are printing your cards in color.

YMCKOK ribbons

Most card printer users purchase a standard YMCKO color ribbon to print their ID cards and badges and it does make sense for full color single-sided badges. However, if your card application requires color on the front and black on the back, a YMCKO-K ribbon is a lot more cost-efficient. This ribbon is specifically designed for dual-sided card printers and includes an extra Black panel that is used to personalize the back of your cards.  A typical application is an organization looking into printing employee badges with a photo ID, text, logo and background on the front and the company’s contact information in black on the back. Ranks #214 on the 2014 Inc. 500 list!

Inc. 500 has just published its 2014 list of the 500 fastest-growing private companies in the United States and we are very proud to announce that ranked #214. has earned the #214 position on the 2014 Inc. 500 list thanks to an astonishing three-year sales growth of 2,093%.

We also ranked:
on the list of Top Security Companies in America.
#16 on the list of Top Companies in New York.  
on the list of Top Companies in the New York City Metro Area. provides photo ID badge systems, software, and supplies to organizations of all major industries including corporate, education, government, healthcare, retail and events. Thousands of companies nationwide rely on to get durable, secure and affordable ID card solutions that will help them keep their employees, visitors and assets safe at all times.

Photo ID systems: Tailored Solutions for Wide Range of Industry Needs

The use of ID card systems in our modern, technology driven society is pervasive—so much so in fact that it’s hard to think of any large organization that doesn’t rely on IDs in some way, especially organizations that interact with the public or manage large numbers of individuals internally. The need to control access, monitor personnel movement and recognize authority is a big part of what enables highly complex systems of human interaction to function efficiently and securely. Businesses, institutions, healthcare facilities, schools and universities, and governments all use photo ID systems, but each user group has unique needs, depending on how they use ID badges and cards, the features and functions sought, the rate at which they must produce them, the environment within which they operate, and their internal system configurations. 

Proximity Cards: Best Printing Practices

Proximity cards are increasingly popular, and are today’s door-access standard, because they permit users to conveniently (and more quickly) gain entry by simply waving cards in front of a point-of-entry reader. No physical swipe or magnetic strip is necessary. Today these ID cards are offered in open or proprietary formats, and offer varying levels of security, programmed with facility codes and a unique card (user) serial number.

Proximity cards are read-only devices that have an embedded antenna. The cardholder data can be read when the proximity card is passed within range of a reader.

A Quick Guide to the Differences Between Retransfer and Direct-to-Card Printing

When it comes to card printing, there are two primary options that consumers can choose from–direct-to-card and retransfer. While both versions have their supporters, deciding which one is right for you is a matter of comparing their benefits and drawbacks in relation to your card printing needs. Here’s a quick look at how both these options work, as well as some reasons as to why they might be the right or wrong choice for you.

Direct-to-Card Printing

Direct-to-card printing (sometimes shortened to just DTC) is by far the most common printing technique used today. As the name implies, printers that utilize DTC technology print images by having the printhead in direct contact with the surface of a blank card. DTC printers use ribbons with different panels.

In-House or Outsourced Printing — Which Is Right for You?

If your organization has a need for ID cards, you have two basic options — printing them in-house or outsourcing the project to a printing company. Both of these choices will ultimately provide you with cards you were looking for. However, if you are looking for a cost-effective solution to get professional badges, in-house printing definitely makes sense.

Control your ID card production

With in-house printing you are in control of the entire process from start to finish, which is beneficial for a couple reasons.

For one, you don’t have to worry about receiving a low-quality or inferior finished product — you have the ability to monitor the progress of your ID badges every step of the way. Plus, in-house printing allows you the luxury of making beneficial changes to the process.

Get ready for the 2014-2015 school year!

Now is a great time to upgrade your ID card system and plan for your 2014-2015 ID badges.

Getting the right ID card system is the most effective and affordable way to secure your school.

We have designed comprehensive ID card solutions to help you create professional ID cards for your students, employees and visitors. Whether you need to print a few hundred cards for your K-12 school or thousands of badges for your university, you will find the perfect photo ID system right here!

Discover QuickShip, a new way to get your Proximity cards

At ID Security Online, we are constantly looking for new solutions to enhance our customers’ experience and help everyone build a successful card program. Today, we are happy to announce the launch of a brand new line of Proximity cards called QuickShip.

Proximity cards have quickly become a premier choice for access control applications. Proximity cards are custom programmed with a facility code and a serial number to control users’ access rights. Proximity cards are widely used in the security industry but are typically ready to ship in 6-10 business days.

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