Temporary Badges and the Visitor Management System

Temporary Badges and the Visitor Management System

Businesses and institutions in general, have an obvious need to protect themselves from suspect individuals entering into their workplaces and causing damage. The news is littered of people walking into private buildings and shooting people. Cases of fraud and threats by corporations trying to acquire valuable information are serious and businesses have looked for an appropriate means to identify who is in their buildings. Either the people work in the office, visitors who are here for a meeting or to carry out maintenance or a delivery and those who simply should not be in the building at all.

The general status-quo has been that an entry form has been situated by the entrance with the front secretary and once the visitor filled in the form with the visitor’s name, time and date as well as purpose of the visit can receive and apply a sticker to their clothes with some of that information and enter the building. There are a number of problems with that system. People can know who entered the building and what the purpose of their visit was. The personal information is not protected and that puts the security of the business at risk.

A visitor management system has developed in businesses looking for an improved process to manage visitors and identify the reasons for entry and the purpose of their visit. Businesses have developed a policy to manage these visitors appropriately. The sign-in book has been removed and been replaced with various systems. The basis of the management system is a series of questions this is done either by the secretary or software. The questions build a profile of the visitor and identify security concerns and areas where the visitor will go and areas where the visitor should not be found. Part of the policy is to then find appropriate identity  cards that can’t be replicated, tampered with or be reused, keeping the security intact and strong. One of these systems is tempcard,  has developed a comprehensive system to manage visitors with software solutions and identity card solutions to solve the many problems businesses have experienced increasing security when business or institutions have visitors.

TEMPbadge  is an economical way for businesses to develop their visitor management system with identity cards. The technology using UV light, the cards are exposed to the UV light when activated which is part of the process of giving the badge to the visitor. The cards are timed to show a void sign, a red sign or a picture that would effectively make the id cards invalid.

The adhesive expiring cards have a simple peel and stick back that allow a visitor a 24hour period to have access to a location. As the UV sensitive lines on the badge appear it is very clear to see that this visitor, no longer has access. These cards come in various preprinted or plane allowing information to be written on the card. Preprinted has VISITOR on the card when the card is invalid he is no longer a visitor. There is an option to use an inkjet/laser or thermal printer to print your own designs.

The clip-on badge is similar to the adhesive range of id cards. This clip-on  badge also expires after 24hours . The clip can be easily attached to a lanyard, or badge reel. The badge provides plenty of space to write the visitors’ details. Further details and designs can be added with an inkjet/laser or thermal printer. These badges can be accessorized with a number of options giving them a secure display.

School badges are specifically designed for school use. They have SCHOOL VISITOR clearly indicated at the head, with room below to put details of the visitor. After 24 hours the badge expires and an apple which is shown on the card, as part of the design, turns red making a clear distinction between  valid and invalid visitor status. With the many stories with schools security being compromised these badges offer a easy, economical solution to protecting students while letting visitors enter the premises.

Some businesses may need more durability from the badges as well as a shorter amount of time for the visitor. These PVC badges offer 18 hours of valid use and are made of PVC. After 18hours a void sign appears gradually across the badges face, removing the valid status of the badge. The cards can be personalized with colors and preprinted designs.  There is room for the visitor to clearly display the visitor’s details.

Apart from these four clear examples there are number of different card designs that can be chosen and personalized. The first distinction is some cards provide a place for handwritten details while other cards offer a place to use thermal printing to print a full range information from visitors name to the location of the visitors meeting.  Another feature that can be chosen is, what sign appears when the card is invalid. When the card is invalid either a sign showing void or red horizontal lines or a repetitive diagonal line pattern across the face of the badge appears. Some have the words ‘expired’ in a circle pattern. There are cards that are plain and other cards have ‘visitor’ in bold red and visitor in black writing presented in a particularly professional way. In addition to the visitor cards there are parking display cards and round timed white covers that expire after a particular amount of time. There are also wrist bands that once attached as a band are timed and expire after a day. 

When you have a new system it can be difficult to implement the system into daily use. This management system requires very little training. The clip and adhesive badges do not require any training and it’s simple and easy to produce. There is a clear place for the name of the visitor along with the date and time. The technology for the UV light to effect the signs work without any technical knowledge from the secretary or manager providing the cards.

Due to the ease in which these cards can be give out to visitors. Many high volume locations like hospitals, college campuses and large business have welcomed the temp badge system.