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TEMPbadge Self-Expiring Badges are simple... effective... and affordable.

TEMPbadge originated the patented Visually Changing Paper (VCP) technology. This technology uses coating and printing capabilities to create materials that reveal a message, color or design after a specified time period. Specifically, a chemical reaction causes the badge to be visibly altered in its appearance either through a changed color (e.g. white to blue in our LIGHTbadge) or by the appearance of slanted red lines in our TIMEbadges. This changed color indicates the badge is "VOID".

TEMPbadge Self-Expiring Badges can expire immediately (LIGHTbadges exposed to ultra-violet rays) or over a half-day (4 hours), full day (18 hours), one week (7 days) , or one month (30 days) using our TIMEbadge product line... and are used as temporary identification for visitors, vendors, temporary employees and contractors.

Our product line includes several hundred products including self-expiring badges, security seals, parking permits and wristbands designed for visitor control in financial, commercial, governmental and educational facilities as well as meeting/convention sites.

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Visitor badges typically include pertinent information like:

  1. Visitor name.
  2. Host/sponsor name.
  3. Date of visit.
  4. Date issued and dates valid.
  5. Visitor’s company name.
  6. Validity code.
  7. Visitor type.

Other information that’s useful on visitor badges includes:

  1. Organization’s logo.
  2. Visitor’s first and last name.
  3. Visitor’s status or designation (e.g., visitor, client, contractor, interviewee, service tech, etc.).
  4. Date and time of check-in.
  5. Level of access.
  6. Visitor’s photo.
  7. A QR code for fast check-in and check-out.
  8. Additional icons such as “no camera.”
  9. Escorted or unescorted.

Many visitor ID programs are simple and don’t require sophisticated security features. In these cases, self-expiring paper labels applied to PVC card stock are often sufficient to meet visitor-program requirements. But in larger organizations or high-security businesses, visitor management is a part of regulatory compliance and risk mitigation. These enterprises’ visitor ID management programs must ensure visitors are fully identified and that their visitor badge contain all essential information about the individual and permit the individual access to secure areas as appropriate. Visitor data can be printed visually on the card face or stored digitally in the card’s magnetic stripe embedded chip.

For security and privacy reasons, many organizations encode visitor information to their cards to keep it confidential and secure. In these circumstances, contact smart cards with an embedded integrated circuit chip, or can store sensitive or valuable information about the visitor, which is then read as appropriate at various access points. Some smart cards have sophisticated microprocessor chips with built in state-of-the-art security features to protect the stored visitor information from unauthorized access. These smart cards are read by a reader. Contactless smart cards, proximity cards, and hybrid cards contain an embedded antenna for reading and writing information contained in the chip’s memory, and can be read by passing them near the reader. 

Visitor badges are commonly issued on a “temporary” basis for defined periods, purposes, and areas—the permission they grant is temporary and of limited duration. Sometimes visitor badges are issued for recurring visits over a defined time. Either way, their validity typically expires at some point. Because they’re temporary, card issuers need to ensure that visitor badges are not used after expiration.

Visitor badges created using smart and proximity cards can be configured to expire and not read after their coded expiration date. For simpler (non-smart) visitor badges, accommodating the expiration need usually requires a visual signal, so visitor badges have evolved to feature “self-expiring” technology. Self-expiring visitor badges are simple, effective, and affordable. They’re a great way to ensure the issuer knows any visitor’s status—quickly and easily, even at a distant visual glance. These badges automatically expire after a certain number of hours, days, or weeks—preventing the badge from being reused on another day.

This easy-to-use self-expiration badge technology does this by transforming some visual aspect of the card when it expires. That is, it causes the badge color to change or adds markings (revealing a striped pattern or spot indicator) after a prescribed amount of time thus letting everyone know it’s expired, revealing its invalidity and preventing it from being used again after its color has changed.

Lanyards are the most popular and quickest way to display visitor badges. For visitors, they’re the most convenient way to wear/display badges—easy on, easy off. They’re also another way to distinguish visitors from other personnel. Easy to spot, lanyards also enhance the organization’s image and make a great first impression. Importantly, lanyards can be customized with logos, designs, or other pertinent company- or visitor-related information (in a full range of colors), further delineating the user and reinforcing brand image.

Retractable badge reels attach badges to clothing for easy access, and are especially useful for regular or long-term visitors. Available in various styles and colors, badge reels help visitors show or swipe their visitor badges effortlessly and securely.

Badge holders are the go-to accessory to display badges and attach them to clothing or to a lanyard, reel or clip. They durably protect regularly/repeatedly used visitor badges and extend their lifespan, and are even suitable to protect proximity cards. These holders are designed to work with lanyard and badge reel clips, and contain prepunched holes for quick attachment.

Strap clips offer visitors the simplest most inexpensive way to attach their badges directly to their clothing.

Personalizing an organization’s badge accessories helps promote products or services and enhances brand image.

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