Fargo® DTC1250e Direct to Card Printer — Printer of the Week

Fargo® DTC1250e Direct to Card Printer — Printer of the Week

With so many card printers to choose from, it’s helpful to have some detail and perspective on how various models can best serve users’ needs. We like to feature our printers to ensure that customers get a chance to fairly evaluate the card-printing solution that works best for their circumstances.

This week’s featured printer is the Fargo® DTC1250e Direct to Card Printer, which we think is a great overall value. Organizations can use the DTC1250e cardprinter to customize cards for any type of use: identification, membership, access control, time and attendance, customer loyalty, and event passes. You name it – the applications are numerous.

The DTC1250e was created to meet the needs of small and medium businesses and organizations. This printer allows users to affordably print high-quality ID cards and badges on demand, and offers the added advantage of being very fast and very reliable. In fact, it’s the fastest in its class.

Versatility and flexibility are important to most businesses–and the DTC1250e delivers on these essential points as well. Because of its sleek, user-friendly design and compact size, and USB or optional

Ethernet or Wi-Fi connectivity, the printer is easy to quickly set up at any location when and where it’s needed. This means your team can take it along for special events. Convenience and reliability improve any organization’s efficiency, and the DTC1250e card printer maximizes efficiency because it’s virtually maintenance-free.

Versatility is also found the DTC1250e’s many features, like its use of the most common software drivers, acceptance of widely used card types and sizes (and thicknesses), easy-to-use ribbons with disposable ribbon cartridges, and high-resolution (300 dpi) edge-to-edge printing in full color or black and white.

Businesses and organizations grow and change, and so do their card-printing needs. The DTC1250e works particularly well in such dynamic environments because it offers many optional upgrades that allow it to grow with your enterprise. This is flexibility. If you need dual-sided printing, it’s available in a separate module. A magnetic-stripe encoding module is also available, as is a “smart-card” encoding module. Ethernet and wi-fi capabilities can also be added. With this kind of flexibility, as your needs emerge the DTC1250e printer system adapts, which spares you the trouble of replacing as you upgrade. Just plug and play.

The DTC1250e printer is offered with a 3-year warranty on the printer and printhead, a testimony to the unit’s durability and another aspect of its strong value.