Zebra® ZXP SERIES 3 ID Card Printer — Printer of the Week

Zebra® ZXP SERIES 3 ID Card Printer — Printer of the Week

This week’s featured printer is the Zebra®ZXP SERIES 3 ID Card Printer, a turnkey solution that affordably provides outstanding print quality and vivid colors. Designed for instant card issuance, this card printer is a rock-solid value and handles any organization’s basic card-production requirements with impressive easy-to-use results.

Zebra’s ZXP SERIES 3 ID card printer/encoder provides a great card-printing solution for organizations that print cards regularly in moderate volume. The ZXP SERIES 3 is very well suited for governments, universities, and retail/hospitality businesses.

Ideal Applications The Zebra ZXP SERIES 3 ID Card printer has a very small footprint and is well suited for many applications. Its optional smart-card and magnetic-stripe encoding, Ethernet connectivity, and ability to use a variety of card thicknesses makes the ZXP Series 3 a great starting tool to meet your organization’s unique needs. For the many businesses and organizations in the early stages of implementing ID card programs, or looking for a reliable workhorse to maintain or supplement their routine daily ID-card production requirements this card printer won’t disappoint. Ideal applications include:

  • Identification and Access — Employee IDs, visitor badges, access control badges.
  • Colleges / Education — Student IDs, library cards, event cards, etc.
  • Retail and Hospitality — Hotel access cards, cruise IDs, membership cards, loyalty cards, gift cards, etc.
  • Government Agencies — Facility access, certification cards.

Product Features

Workhorse Performance — The Zebra ZXP SERIES 3 single- or dual-sided printer delivers reliable, consistent performance. With a 100-card covered input feeder and, the ZXP SERIES 3 is designed for regular use and readily and produces high-quality cards with little user monitoring or intervention. Designed for any organization with daily card-production requirements (e.g., hotels, schools, retailers), the printer has the features needed to keep up with your daily workflow and produce great-looking ID cards consistently. The ZXP SERIES 3 is built for regular use and can produce up to 700 monochrome or 180 color single-sided cards per hour, and up to 140 color dual-sided cards per hour. The Series 3 features Zebra’s ZRaster™ host-based image processing technology, which delivers high speed printing without diminishing crisp image quality. The printer’s compact design makes it a great option for tight work spaces.

Importantly, the ZXP SERIES 3 printer comes with a 2-year warranty on the printer and the print head, another valuable feature and evidence of the unit’s durability.

Direct-to-Card Printing — The Zebra ZXP SERIES 3 uses dye-sublimation thermal transfer direct-to-card printing in full color or monochrome technology, single- or double-sided. This system produces high-quality cards with clear, sharp, color-rich edge-to-edge images whenever you’re ready—in most any location. The Series three uses only True Colours® ix Series™ ZXP 3 high-performance ribbons with intelligent media technology for brilliant color.

Highly Adaptable Modular Design — Serving both entry level and experience card printing duty, the ZXP SERIES 3 contemplates your need to change and grow and offers versatility and flexibility. With its optional upgrades you keep up with card-printing needs as business operations grow and change. The ZXP SERIES 3’s modular design allows users to easily upgrade and add magnetic-strip and smart-card encoding options.

Optional “Any Time” Upgrades:

  • Optional 10/100 Ethernet connectivity — A field-upgradable option. This means multiple users can be authorized to operate printing and encoding functions safely and reliably over your network. This network flexibility makes the Zebra ZXP SERIES 3 Duplex printer a great choice in many different operations.
  • Optional Magnetic Strip encoding Print and encode cards in one pass, and save a lot of time. Magnetic stripe encoding (ISO 7811 new and re-encoded, tracks 1, 2, and 3, high and low coercivity, stripe down, 30 mil card only).
  • OptionalSmart Card encoding Contact and contactless ISO 7816, and EMV Level 1 certified, and capable of encoding over Ethernet or USB.
  • Optional Manual front card feeder bezel.
  • OptionalCardSense™ single-card feed mode — A field-upgradable option.
  • OptionalCleaning Kit — 4 print-engine cleaning cards and 4 feeder-cleaning cards, 1000 images/card.

The ZXP SERIES 3 printer system can readily change along with your organization’s needs—which affords you real and smart flexibility.

Easy to Operate and Maintain — Versatility and utility are delivered through the ZXP SERIES 3’s many features, like its use of the most common software drivers, acceptance of widely used PVC card types and sizes (and thicknesses), easy-to-use drop-in ribbons with disposable ribbon cartridges, auto calibration of ribbons, integrated cleaning roller included on each ribbon, USB 2.0 connectivity, and high-resolution (300 dpi) edge-to-edge printing. The high-capacity quick-replace Load-N-Go™ smart ribbon cartridges are eco-friendly, use less plastic and biodegrade better than competing brands.

Cost Effective Solution — The Series 3 is easy on the pocketbook too. It features an Energy Star® rating, multiple ribbon options, the ability to select card thicknesses, all making it a low-cost ownership option and the most cost-effective card printing solution in its class.

Intuitive User Interface  — The Zebra ZXP SERIES 3 card printer/encoder provides an easy-to-understand user interface (a 16-character operator control display) and color touch points.

Security Features — This is a convenient and secure printer and encoder system. Standard Kensington™ lock feature and optional enclosure lock with obscured—45-card capacity—output bin make the ZXP Series 3 ideal for secure card-printing solutions.

The ZXP SERIES 3 reliably prints in monochrome or vibrant color and encodes technology cards (supporting magnetic-stripe and smart-card technologies), and is built to meet the needs of diverse businesses, schools and local government institutions. It flexibly customizes cards for any application needed: identification, membership, access control, time and attendance, customer loyalty, and event passes. It’s also scalable, permitting users to upgrade simply and conveniently by adding modules.

We like to provide organizations with great information that supports effective evaluation of our card-printing solutions. These product reviews help customers to better distinguish among the many card printers available today, and select just the right ID Card Printer for their needs and budgets.

If you have questions about the differences from one printer model to another, Call IDSecurityOnline today at 800-897-7024 or visit our ZXP3page to get your ZX1 card printer.