Purchased an ID Card Printer? Here is what you need

ID Card Printing Guide

You Just Bought Your ID Card Printer…

  1. Find A Camera
    • If you want your ID cards to include a photo, you will need a camera, ideally one designed for taking ID photos.
  2. Need Software?
    • Choosing the right software is crucial to manage your cardholders’ data, connect to an existing database, or add encoding capabilities to your cards.
  3. Get The Right Cards
    • Find out if you need PVC or composite cards based on the printer that you use. If you have to add data to your cards, you might need cards with magnetic stripe or RFID technology.
  4. Accessorize
    • Breakaway lanyards, badge reels, badge holders, and other accessories increase accessibility and make it easier to show your ID at all times.
  5. Stock Up On Supplies
    • Get the right ribbons and cleaning supplies to print all the cards that you need and keep your printer’s performance as high as possible.
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