ID Card Printer Cleaning Kits

ID Card Printer Cleaning Kits

What is an ID Card Printer Cleaning Kit?

An ID card printer cleaning kit is a grouping of items specifically for the intent of maintaining your printer. Virtually all high end ID card printer manufacturers, such as Evolis, Magicard and Zebra, provide their clientele with proprietary variations of cleaning supplies contained within comprehensive cleaning kits.

What comes with it?

The actual content of a cleaning kit varies slightly based on how the printer works and on its design and build. ID card printer cleaning kits include items such as cleaning cards, cleaning pens, swabs specifically designed for cleaning the inside of a printer, cleaning rollers and cleaning sleeves.

Cleaning Cards

A cleaning card works by being passed through the printer just as any printable card is. For this reason cleaning cardsCleaning Cards  resemble the transaction media in size, material and texture. As the cleaning card passed through the device’s system it comes into contact with and cleans components that are normally exposed to respective transaction media. Such components include belts, rollers, readers and lenses.

Cleaning Pens

A cleaning pen contains a pure isopropanol cleaning solution stored within the pen’s reservoir barrel and is used for cleaning print heads and read/write heads. A cleaning pen is used by simply wiping the exposed print head. With regards to thermal print heads, cleaning pens remove any adhesive that may have built up and clean dirt and ink contaminants.

Cleaning Swabs

A cleaning swab is used to clean small, delicate and hard-to-reach regions within the printers system components, hence the elongated handles. They are also designed not leave behind debris within the system, which would harm printer functionality (or damage your printer) and would defeat the purpose of cleaning it in the first place.

Cleaning Rollers

The roller is the part of the cleaner that comes into contact with the transaction media and removes dust from the front and back sides of cards inserted in the printer. Use a clean wipe from your cleaning kit to remove dust by gently rubbing it across the surface of the roller.

Adhesive Cleaning Sleeve

The adhesive cleaning sleeve is placed inside the printer and is designed to collect debris and dirt found on cards that are passed into the printer. Cleaning sleeves eventually need to be replaced so most ID card printer manufacturers provide them in packs of 5 or more.