Quick Guide to ID Card Accessories

Quick Guide to ID Card Accessories

ID cards and badges are important, they serve important functions, and we depend on them to make our way through important parts of each day. They do their job best when they’re used effectively.

An ID badge does what it does, but to work best, with maximum utility and function, the right accessories are key. What’s a badge without the accessories? Less than it is with its accessories.

ID cards and badges need to be easy to use, store, display, and protect.  They work best when be reliably attached to their person and easy to present–and, of course, when they’re not lost.

Accessories include things like:

  • Badge HoldersBadge holders add convenience and protection and are designed to display your badges easily and securely while adding durability and protection for longer life. With pre-punched slot and chain holes the right badge holder allows you to readily attach clips and lanyards and reels, and you’ll never need to punch holes or otherwise damage your ID card. Badge holders are available in many different designs and styles (including vertical and horizontal to match your card), each intended to work specifically with your ID card type and its features.  Options include color and rigidity. You can choose what works for best for your team.
  • Lanyards – Standard lanyards really make wearing an ID badge convenient. With a clip on one end that attaches to your ID card, lanyards simply slip around your neck, and the badge stays in place–no muss, no fuss. Lanyards can be a simple strap or feature breakaway and retraction elements. Others feature quick adjustability to ensure the ID card doesn’t get in the way of user activity. They’re available in many colors and models and can be used to promote your company, event, or brand, or further identify card/badge holders.
  • Badge ReelsRetractable ID badge reels can clip to your pocket, scrubs, belt or lanyard with ease. These handy, compact devices often feature rotating clips, belt clips, and long cord lengths to really improve maneuvering and flexibility (extend, retract, pull up, down, sideways to swipe with no problem), and allow hassle-free presentation and swiping of your badge in any direction with just a quick pull.  Automatic and quick retraction and your badge is right back in place. It’s a snap.
    Badge reels are a great accessory choice for hospital and office personnel who use their ID cards routinely throughout the day and the facility. They free personnel of neck straps and chains but provide quick access to your card. They’re also available in a variety of colors and styles, and can be custom branded.
  • Clips and MagnetsID cards and badges have to be displayed for the most part in plain view and often on clothing (or other carry-alongs) to serve their mission. But who wants to fumble with safety pins or small pin caps–which are easily loosened, dropped and lost–or poke holes in their clothing? ID Badge magnets are a great solution–they’re small but quite strong and allow users to display their ID badge easily and securely in one place through most any fabric, even multiple layers. Likewise, ID badge clips are durable and feature durable poly straps that snap closed to securely hold a prepunched badge or badge holder, and a strong spring for a tight grip and reliable attachment to most any article of clothing. These are pretty tough little clips.
    You never know what environment you’re going to face while wearing your ID badge (a windy day perhaps), and you want to be sure your badge isn’t going to slip away. That’s why durable ID badge clips or magnets are essential ID accessories–they allow hands-free use, prevent lost badges, and works with lanyards, grippers or ID badges themselves.

These ID Card accessories are essential components of any ID Card program. They’re high-quality professional tools that solve problems and ensure convenient and appropriate card ID use and display while protecting cards from routine use-related hazards.

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