Clips, Pins and Magnets for ID Badges

Clips, Pins and Magnets for ID Badges

Ensuring photo ID visibility is an important part of an ID program, especially to high security facilities that require identification of any visitor. ID card accessories help display a credential in a variety of ways, with additional features for safety and added convenience. Badge clips, pins, and magnetic plates attach ID cards directly to the badge-holder's clothing.

 ID cards and badges are attached to the clothing through the use of findings, pins, and clips. A finding is a magnetic device that sticks to the ID card and has a small accessory you put on the back through your shirt, which is then sandwiched between the magnets. An ID badge strap clip connects to an ID cards by using straps which fit through slots punched into the ID cards with a slot puncher.

Clips and pins come in various forms, including pressure sensitive clips or bar pins and glue-on clips and pins. Bar pins use either safety pins or pins with safety catches; clips grip fabric from your clothing with nickel plated steel or plastic shanks. Pin clips use both ways of clipping.

Badge clips are a great option for companies that require their employees to wear ID cards for visual identification. There are many cost-effective styles of ID badge clips to choose from. Strap clips easily attaches through a slot punch on your ID card and snap the attachment to your clothing. Adhesive back clips adhere directly to your ID card and easily clip or pin to clothing, no slot punch required. Plastic attachments are perfect for those requiring little to no metal parts on their ID cards.

Magnetic attachments help secure ID cards to shirt pockets and belts without the use of pins or clips. The badge magnetic holder gives the convenience of a clip-on badge holder, but it won't damage your clothing. There are no pins or clips to catch loose threads. Magnetic badge holders just fold over a pocket or lapel and are held in place by a magnet. The magnet is shielded to prevent loss of data on smart cards. They even work with proximity cards.

How you choose to wear your ID badge is an integral part of any ID card program. Sometimes, people tend to overlook how users display their ID cards. The simple and easy way for cardholders to wear their IDs is with badge clips or pins attached to their clothing. At ID Security Online, you can choose from our wide selection of pressure-sensitive clips, bar pins, magnetic attachments, and more.