Cleaning Kits for ID Card Printers

Cleaning Kits for ID Card Printers

Cleaning kits are a critical component of any ID card program. Regular printer cleanings are crucial for maintaining and extending the life of your ID card printer.  ID card printers are vulnerable for collecting dust from the ID cards. As the ID card goes through the printer they leave dust and debris that can potentially damage your printhead thus resulting ID cards with lower quality images then it would normally print. With routine cleanings and replacement of cleaning rollers, you can expect optimal image quality and a longer life for your card printer. ID card printers should be cleaned and covered when not in use. You should clean your printer every time you change your printer ribbon.  Every card printer requires certain cleaning products to be used as preventive or corrective maintenance. At ID Security Online, we provide cleaning kits designed for specific ID card printers. 

Our cleaning kits include:

  • Cleaning Cards

 ID card printer cleaning cards are made specifically for ID card printers such as Evolis, Fargo, Magicard etc. This presaturated disposable cleaning card is designed to clean effectively by removing dirt, magnetic oxides, oils, lotions and other contaminants from all types of concealed magnetic, photo and optic sensors on all types of card readers. These double-sided cleaning cards remove dust, dirt, and resin residue left behind in during the normal print process. ID card printer cleaning cards clean the thermal print head and printer card feed path.

  • Cleaning Swab

Cleaning swabs are component of some ID card printer cleaning kits. Each printer manufacturer has different cleaning kit configurations. The cleaning swab can be used to clean print heads, card path, guides and rollers. Swab stem hold cleaning solution which will safely and effectively remove all contaminants. These swabs are meant to clean the thermal print head of contaminants, the platen roller and interior components.

  • Cleaning Wipes

The cleaning wipes is saturated with cleaning solution and designed to clean printer rollers. Cleaning wipes safely and effectively wipes away contaminants from your equipment. Containing 99% IPA they can be used to clean readers and thermal printers and are easy to use, effective and safe.  The glass and optical lens wipes are strong reinforced wipes presaturated with a specially formulated solution to clean dust and debris from glass surfaces and optical lenses. They are economical and easy to use and are lint free. Adhesive removal wipes are strong reinforced cloth presaturated with a specially formulated solution to lift and remove labels and adhesives from most surfaces. Heavy duty adhesive remover wipes are economical and easy to use and contain Naphtha, D-limonene and Xylene.  These wipes clean the platen roller and interior components.

  • Cleaning Pen

The cleaning pen is designed to remove ink, dirt and contamination build-up on thermal print heads. This pen cleans burnt-on debris from thermal print heads. It also extends the life of the print head and maintains a crisp, legible image. The cleaning pen should be used after running the printer cards.