Badge Lanyards

Badge Lanyards

While many people may a choose badge clip, there are situations in some jobs where badge clips may not work out as well as you may want. Or maybe you are like me, and simply prefer the feeling of badge lanyard as opposed to a badge clip. Whatever your reason for wanting one, these badge lanyards are some of the finest that you will be able to find.

Why choose a badge lanyard over having a simple clip? I have worn clips quite often, and while I do not dislike them, there are a few things that I find better about lanyards than clips. First off, potentially the biggest one, is that I have a habit of losing things. During the hectic work day, I would often lose my badge while doing something important. The problem with the clip is that, I never realized when I lost it! While I have never lost my badge while wearing it on my lanyard, it would be very easy to notice when you have lost it. Perhaps even more important than this (for those of you who do not lose as many things as I do!) is the fact that lanyards are much easier to deal with than a clip. Just slip it on and forget about it!

There are many kinds of cheap lanyards out there, but some may come off easily, even when you do not want them to, causing you to lose your badge. Having a badge lanyard like that does you no good whatsoever -- you might as well not have one in those cases! But this type of badge lanyard is definitely one of the better ones. I have never had a problem with this type of badge lanyard slipping off when I did not want it to. This helps to ensure that I can spend more time worrying about my work responsibilities, as opposed to worrying about where I lost my badge!

All in all, I would rank these lanyards are being some of the best that I have ever seen. Whether you have a habit of losing things like me, need a convenient way of holding onto your badge, or whatever your reason, these lanyards are definitely the way to go. They easily earn five stars in my personal ranking book. I am sure that they will in yours, too, if you give them a try.

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