Badge Clips

Badge Clips

With today's security conscious society one of the most common security measures taken in the workplace is the ID Badge. One cannot usually enter their place of work without showing their company ID badge to security. Some badges are even required to open doors and get past security gates. The constant need to have a security badge on the worker at all times can be inconvenient, one little tool that can make this effort easier is the humble badge clip.

Having a badge clip can make carrying a security badge easy and convenient. There are many types of badge clips available to meet company security standards and still have easy access to the badge while maintaining a sense of style.

A common badge clip is just a simple clip. You can thread it through a hole punched in your badge and then clip it onto your shirt, jacket, backpack, lunch bag, or whatever else is convenient for you. Just make sure it meets your company's standards for displaying your badge.

Another common use of a badge clip is to attach your badge to a lanyard. There are neck lanyards and wrist lanyards, although the neck lanyard is the most popular. This way your badge is always visible and available whenever you need it. Lanyards come in many styles and colors from simple plain colors such as red and blue to printed tiger stripe or your company logo prints.

Some lanyards are adjustable and some have a breakaway safety mechanism. Some also feature adjustable sliders and safety buckles. Another great way to carry your badge with you is with a retractable badge reel. What makes these so unique is that you can have your badge safely attached to your belt or jacket, but you can pull it to trigger a key card for locked security doors, that require a scan of an ID badge for entry. Once your scan is complete you just let go and the badge safely retracts to its original carrying position.

No matter how you attach you badge the badge clip is the main tool for easy badge accessibility and there are many types of clips to choose from, including simple badge clips and straps to magnetic badge clips, to bulldog and alligator clips. The important thing is that your workplace is secure while still being convenient for workers to access.