Badge Accessories

Badge Accessories

Badge Holders

Promotion badges or name tags are often used at conventions, office gatherings, mixers and social events. Badge holders are a popular way to display and protect an ID card. ID Security Online offers several options available for your badge holder. You can get creative with your badge holders. At ID Security Online, we focus on customizing and personalizing your badge holder to your preference. Not only does your badge holder need to be the right size for your badge, your badge holder needs to be easily attached to the clip, pin or lanyard. Because there is a growing production of badges and attachments, the choice for badge holders tends to expand.

Badge Reel

Retractable badge reels are one of the most popular choices for displaying your id card. A badge reel makes scanning your id card much easier, while ensuring your id is not in the way afterwards.  A custom made badge reel provides an innovative and flexible way to display your badge, while promoting your company or product. ID Security Online has a wide selection of badge reels to suit your needs. Our badge reels can be customized with your company name or logo. A custom badge reel is a great way to promote your company at your next trade show or other event. We offer custom badge reels in a wide variety of colors and styles. All of them feature a retractable cord to provide the wearer with extended reach.


Lanyards are normally worn on neck, wrist, arm or waist. Lanyards are mainly designed to carry or display ID cards, name badges or security access control identification holders. At the front of the lanyard is often a small clip or ring designed to hold something like keys or an identification badge. ID lanyards are in use in many schools across the globe making students easily identifiable to faculty and staff members. Certain jobs also require employees to wear ID lanyards for the same reasons. You can add a personal touch at your next event with custom lanyards. ID Security Online has a wide selection of high quality custom lanyards is available at affordable rates. We can even personalize our badge lanyard styles with your event or company logo along with your name and choice of color.


Badge clips are a convenient and highly visible way to attach your ID card to any type of clothing. Every company or person has a different requirement for what their particular needs are. ID Security Online supplies badge clips in a variety of styles, colors and materials which are extremely durable and long-lasting. We have a large selection of cost-effective styles of ID badge clips. You can choose from a variety of materials and styles with multiple color options. When selecting a clip for your badge, you should ascertain that it is the right size and material to handle the weight of your badge, and it matches the size of your badge holder.