ID Security Online Offers Photo ID Printers for Educational Facilities


Many school districts have adopted a policy that requires visitors to sign in and be presented with a badge to wear while in the school. Some schools have chosen to issue photo ID badges to all staff and students.

Enhancing school safety

The badges allow at-a-glance knowledge who a person is. They add extra security to the building. Schools want to ensure everyone on the premises has a legitimate reason for being there. Someone without a badge does not belong.

The badges are management tools for access and control. The decision to upgrade security stems from child custody battles, child abductions, terrorist attacks, and school shootings. Photo ID badges are a safety issue.

Labs cannot be entered because of the critical activities that take place there. Schools are important places also. Besides enhancing school safety, another benefit of photo ID badges is creating a feeling of unity with students and staff.

Encouraging school unity

A photo ID policy allows staff to identify people in the building without authorization quickly. School shootings have caused school districts to re-examine their security policy. Faculty and students wear the badges on lanyards in the school colors.

The school colors, mascot, or crest are used to make them warm and friendly rather than institutional. They are not meant to look like FBI badges. Technology is changing how schools and students utilize ID badges.

Technology and ID badges

Today's college students are a new breed. They are tech-savvy multi-taskers. They have high expectations and short attention spans. Administrators have the task of providing the best ID experience for faculty and staff while supporting the school strategic objectives.

All of these objectives are often done under tight budget restraints. ID Security Online has photo ID systems that answer the needs of the schools. Packages have all the accessories and supplies needed to print professional IDs for students, teachers, staff, and visitors.

Along with the printer, the package includes a web camera, software, color ribbons, and ID cards. Within minutes, schools can print high-resolution pictures of employees and students that are stunning. The system is budget-friendly and easy-to-use.

The systems ship free when choosing ground shipping. ID Security Online will not be undersold. A price match guarantee and toll-free customer support are features of the purchase. There is a system for any budget and trade-in rebates are offered.

The systems carried by ID Online Security include:

All models have a three-year warranty. They have a wide range of functions and features.

Magicard Enduro3E Single-Sided ID Card Printer

Magicard Enduro 3E

This printer system is the latest Enduro+ edition. It now includes Ethernet as standard. The system is reliable, durable, and robust. It is ideal for colleges and schools. Since 2008, thousands of these printers have been commissioned, and millions of ID cards have been printed. The system is easy to use and install.

ScreenCheck SC4500 Single Sided ID Card Printer

ScreenCheck SC4500 Single-Sided

The SC4500 printer is a single-sided system that can be field upgraded with a simple drop-in upgrade. Schools have the option to print a security watermark on the card surface. An area of the watermark is highlighted. There are four patterns from which to choose. As many as 125 full-color cards can be printed in an hour.

Fargo DTC1500 Single Sided ID Card Printer

Fargo DTC 1500 Dual-Sided

This printer includes a six-month subscription to CloudBagging. It is a cloud-based workspace to create, manage, and print photo ID badges. The system is perfect for high-security or high-volume applications. It. Features built-in erase/rewrite. Optional upgrades include a loaner coverage plan, single-sided lamination, wireless connectivity and encoding.

HDP5600 Single Sided ID Card Printer

Fargo HDP5600 Single-Sided

The Fargo HDP5600 printer and encoder is a reliable and cost-effective solution featuring a high-resolution printing option for superior image and text quality. The all-in-one solution is perfect for educational facilities that routinely produce a large volume of multi-function smart cards or high-definition IDs. The printer affordably delivers the ultimate in printer reliability and image quality.

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