Matica ID Card Printers Offer a Solid Lineup of Options

Matica ID Card Printers Offer a Solid Lineup of Options

When it comes to ID card printers, Matica has established a reputation for providing reliable, high-quality machines with a wide variety of unique features. It is a renowned provider of ID card printers, offering a diverse range of models to cater to different printing requirements. As a trusted partner of a number of ID card printer brands, IDSecurityOnline maintains an updated collection of the best Matica ID printers.

So whether you're looking for a basic, cost-effective model or something more sophisticated and feature-packed, there's a Matica ID card printer to meet your needs. From single-sided to dual-sided models, IDSecurityOnline offers a solid lineup of Matica ID printers to suit any application and budget.

Matica MC110 ID Card Printer

The entry-level Matica MC110 is an affordable direct-to-card ID card printer that is perfect for small businesses, schools, and organizations that need to produce a moderate number of cards on a regular basis. This printer offers edge-to-edge printing, single- and dual-sided printing, and various encoding options. In addition, the printer is a reliable and user-friendly option for printing professional-quality cards.

One of the standout features of the Matica MC110 is its compact design. The printer is lightweight and takes up very little space, making it an ideal choice for small workspaces. Despite its size, the MC110 can print up to 150 cards per hour, ensuring that production levels remain high.

The MC110 uses direct-to-card printing technology, which is the standard for most entry-level card printers. The technology works by transferring ink directly from the ribbon onto the card's surface. This produces vibrant and sharp images that are resistant to fading and scratching.

The Matica MC110 supports full-color printing and comes equipped with a dual-sided printing module, which allows for double-sided printing. The printer also comes with a variety of encoding options, such as contactless encoding, that enable the printing of smart cards. These encoding options allow for a wide range of security features to be added to the cards.

The Matica MC110 is also very easy to use. The printer comes with an intuitive user interface that allows for quick and easy setup. The interface also makes it simple to adjust the print settings, change the ribbon, and perform routine maintenance.

Key features:

  • TruEdge 300dpi printing
  • 'Plug & print' operation
  • Windows and MacOS compatible
  • User-friendly interface
  • Options: dual-sided printing, contact encoding, and contactless encoding

Overall, the Matica MC110 is a solid entry-level ID card printer that offers a great combination of affordability, performance, and ease of use. Its compact design, encoding options, and full-color printing capabilities make it an excellent choice for small-scale applications in businesses, schools, and organizations that need to produce professional-quality ID cards.

Matica MC210 ID Card Printers

The Matica MC210 ID Card Printer is one of the top-tier models in Matica's ID card printer lineup. It boasts a fast print speed of up to 180 cards per hour and can handle up to 10,000 cards per year, making it an ideal choice for mid-range ID card printing.

Based on Matica's proven technology, the MC210 features a dye-sublimation printing process and offers a high-resolution printing of 300 dpi. This printing technology produces clear and vibrant prints that make identification easy and accurate.

One of the unique features of the Matica MC210 is its ability to handle multiple card types and thicknesses. It can print on standard PVC, PET, ABS, and polycarbonate cards, as well as magnetic stripe, contact, and contactless smart cards.

Additionally, the MC210 has a modular design that allows for the addition of optional encoding and lamination modules, providing an all-in-one ID card printing solution for different industries. It can print employee badges, loyalty cards, gift cards, and other types of ID cards for government, healthcare, education, and corporate sectors.

Key features:

  • High-quality TruEdge 300dpi printing
  • 180 color cards per hour
  • Wndows and MacOS compatible
  • Up to 10,000 cards per year
  • Multiple encoding options: magnetic stripe, contact, contactless
  • Easy on-site upgrades

The Matica MC210 ID Card Printer has a small footprint and is easy to set up and operate. Its intuitive interface and user-friendly design enable easy access to all printer functions. Furthermore, it has a sturdy build, and its durability ensures reliable and continuous operation.

Matica MC310 ID Card Printers

The Matica MC310 ID Card Printer is a reliable, fast, and secure printing solution designed to meet the high-volume printing needs of various industries. This direct-to-card printer boasts a high print resolution of 300 dpi, ensuring that all printed images are crisp, clear, and of the highest quality.

One of the main features of the MC310 is its high printing speed, capable of printing up to 180 cards per hour, ensuring that large printing jobs are done quickly and efficiently. Additionally, it has a standard input and output hopper capacity of 100 cards, making it an ideal option for businesses with high-volume printing needs.

Another standout feature of the MC310 is its encoding capabilities. The printer comes with optional encoding modules that support magnetic stripe, contact, and contactless chip encoding, enabling it to produce multi-functional cards that can be used for various applications such as access control, employee identification, and loyalty cards.

The MC310 also has advanced security features, including the option to add a custom watermark on the card and UV printing, making it difficult for fraudsters to counterfeit the cards.

This ID card printer is ideal for various industries, including government, education, healthcare, and finance. Its high-volume printing capabilities, coupled with its fast printing speed and encoding capabilities, make it an ideal solution for businesses that need to produce a large number of cards within a short period.

Key features:

  • 300 x 300 dpi duplex printing
  • Optional smart card encoding
  • Easy-to-use
  • Windows and Mac compatible
  • Options: Wi-Fi, dual-feeder, mechanical and electromagnetic locks, contact and contactless encoding, magnetic stripe encoding

Overall, the Matica MC310 ID Card Printer is a solid investment for any business looking for a reliable, fast, and secure printing solution. With its advanced features, encoding capabilities, and high-quality printing, it is one of the best options on the market.

Matica XID 8100 Retransfer ID Card Printers

One of the standout options in the Matica ID card printer lineup is the XID 8100 Retransfer ID Card Printer. This printer is designed to provide exceptional print quality, thanks to its retransfer printing technology. Instead of printing directly onto the card, retransfer printing uses a special film to transfer the ink from the printer to the card, resulting in sharp and vibrant prints.

One of the key benefits of the Matica XID 8100 is its ability to print on a variety of card materials, including PVC, ABS, and polycarbonate. It can also print on cards with uneven surfaces or smart card chips embedded in them, making it a versatile choice for many different ID card applications.

The XID 8100 also offers a range of security features, including watermarking and UV printing, which can help prevent counterfeiting or tampering. Additionally, it can be configured with a magnetic stripe encoder or a smart card chip encoder, giving users even more options for customizing their ID cards.

Another advantage of the Matica XID 8100 is its dual-sided printing capabilities. This means that it can print on both sides of a card simultaneously, saving time and increasing efficiency. It also comes with a high-capacity input hopper, allowing for up to 400 cards to be loaded at once, further streamlining the printing process.

Key features:

  • Printing method: dye-sublimation retransfer
  • LCD display user-interface
  • 300 dpi printing
  • Dual-sided over-the-edge retransfer printing
  • Up to 102 single-sided cards per hour
  • Double-sided option
  • It can print on all kinds of materials, including polycarbonate cards.

Overall, the Matica XID 8100 Retransfer ID Card Printer is an excellent choice for any organization looking for a reliable, high-quality ID card printer with advanced security features. It is well-suited for a wide range of applications, including employee ID badges, membership cards, and access control cards. Its dual-sided printing and high-capacity input hopper make it a particularly efficient option for larger organizations or those with high-volume printing needs.

Matica XID 8300 Retransfer ID Card Printers

If you're looking for an ID card printer that delivers high-quality printing results, then the Matica XID 8300 Retransfer ID Card Printer should be at the top of your list. The XID 8300 is designed to meet the printing demands of high-volume card issuance environments such as corporations, government agencies, and universities.

The XID 8300 employs retransfer technology, which guarantees that the card's image is of excellent quality, with vibrant colors and crisp lines. The printer also uses dye-sublimation printing technology, which makes it easy to print high-quality images and text on both sides of the card. This is particularly important when you need to create cards with barcodes, text, and complex graphics.

The Matica XID 8300 has a modular design, which means that you can add extra modules, such as a flipper or a magnetic stripe encoder, depending on your card issuance needs. Additionally, the printer comes with an array of security features, such as an inline UV printing module and options for holographic overlays to protect against counterfeiting.

The XID 8300 has a fast printing speed, capable of producing up to 120 cards per hour. It is also flexible and can print on a wide range of card materials, including PVC, PET, ABS, and polycarbonate. The printer's card feeder can hold up to 200 cards, which means you can easily print large batches of cards without having to refill the feeder frequently.

The Matica XID 8300 is also very user-friendly, thanks to its intuitive user interface and easy-to-use software. This makes it ideal for organizations that need to produce ID cards on a regular basis but have staff who are not technically savvy.

Key features:

  • Printing method: dye-sublimation retransfer
  • 300 dpi printing
  • Single-sided over-the-edge retransfer printing
  • Up to 120 cards per hour(single-sided)
  • It can print on most types of cards
  • Options: dual-sided printing, UV security printing, inline lamination, and inline magnetic stripe, contact chip, and contactless smart card encoding

Overall, the Matica XID 8300 Retransfer ID Card Printer is a versatile and high-quality card printer that offers excellent printing results and a range of security features. Whether you need to print cards for your business, government agency, or educational institution, the XID 8300 is an excellent choice that delivers reliable, high-quality printing results every time.

Matica XID8600 Dual-Sided Retransfer ID Card Printer

Matica has been a leading name in the ID card printing industry for years. One of the standout models in its lineup is the XID8600 Dual-Sided Retransfer ID Card Printer. This high-quality printer offers a variety of advanced features that make it an excellent choice for a range of industries.

At the heart of the XID8600 is its retransfer printing technology. This advanced process allows the printer to produce high-quality, long-lasting cards that resist fading, cracking, and other damage. Additionally, the XID8600 offers a dual-sided printing option, allowing for even more customization and design options.

The XID8600 also offers impressive speed and efficiency. It can print up to 12 single-sided cards per hour or 60 dual-sided cards per hour. Plus, the printer's 100-card input hopper and 70-card output hopper make it easy to process large batches of cards quickly and efficiently.

The XID8600 also includes several convenient features for users. For example, it offers a user-friendly graphical interface and an easy-to-use ribbon-changing system. Additionally, it has several security features, including an optional Kensington lock, to keep your cards and data safe.

Key features:

  • Printing method: dye-sublimation retransfer
  • 600 dpi printing
  • Double-sided over-the-edge retransfer printing
  • 120 cards per hour (single-sided)
  • It can print on most types of cards
  • Options: Secure UV printing, inline magnetic stripe encoding, single or dual-sided lamination, and contact chip and contactless smart card encoding

So where can you use the XID8600 Dual-Sided Retransfer ID Card Printer? Its advanced features make it a great choice for a wide range of applications. For example, it's ideal for printing secure government ID cards, access cards, employee IDs, student IDs, and healthcare ID cards. It's also an excellent choice for printing membership cards, access control cards, and more.

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