Fargo DTC1500 ID Card Printers

Fargo DTC1500 ID Card Printers are a flexible choice for companies that want to design and print secure ID cards. They offer:

  • The ability to print monochrome cards in 6 seconds and full-color cards in 16 seconds
  • Great security features such as custom overlay watermark and resin scramble data protection
  • Dual or single-sided dye-sublimation printer
  • 100 card input and output hoppers
  • A full 3-year warranty covering both the printer and the printhead

Fargo DTC1500 Single Sided ID Card Printer

Item#: 51400
Retail Price: $2473.00
  • Single sided printing
  • 3-year warranty on printer and printhead

Fargo DTC1500 Dual Sided ID Card Printer

Item#: 51405
Retail Price: $3172.00
  • Double sided printing
  • 3-year warranty on printer and printhead

Fargo DTC1500 Dual Sided ID Card Printer with Single Sided Lamination

Item#: 51410
Retail Price: $5861.00
  • Double sided printing
  • Single Sided Lamination
  • 3-year warranty on printer and printhead


DTC1500 printers have the standard password protection and AES 256 data encryption options but they are also supplied with two other important security features;

Built-in Custom Watermark and Overlay Resin Scramble Data Protection.

Custom Watermark - A watermark is a great way to add visual security to your ID cards. The built-in watermark feature included with Fargo DTC 1500 printers lets you employ the overlay panel of the ribbon to create a customized transparent image over your ID cards. The custom watermark can include any logo, design, or even text you desire, allowing you to produce a truly unique security feature for your ID cards. Perhaps, the most important aspect of the watermark is that it is included as standard. You won’t need to invest in any specialized equipment or ribbons or buy any expensive ‘add-ons’ for the printer.

Resin Scramble Data Protection - When you print ID cards it is the resin panel which prints both the barcodes and the black text. In most cases after a card has been printed a negative image of the printed text is left on the ribbon showing what has been printed. This image represents a potential security risk if someone later obtains the ribbon. When you use the DTC1500 printer the resin panel is rendered unreadable once the card has been printed, preserving your company security.

The speed of operation, combined with the inclusion of 100-card input and output hoppers means that this printer is ideal for organizations who need to print a mid to high-volume of ID cards. The features offered by this printer will suit large businesses, government agencies, healthcare groups, and academic institutions.

When you purchase your printer you can choose between the single and dual-sided versions. Alternatively, you may choose to purchase the single-sided printer and upgrade to dual-sided capability later as your printing needs evolve. You may also choose to upgrade to magnetic stripe encoding on your ID cards if you would like your new cards to contain that option.

The Fargo DTC1500 ID card printer is supplied with a three-year manufacturer warranty which covers both the printer and the printhead.

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