Fargo DTC1500 Printer – Relied on for any Card Print Application

Fargo DTC1500 Printer – Relied on for any Card Print Application

Card printers from Fargo can be trusted to help you with a host of applications.  As a global leader in ID systems, Fargo are recognised for the excellent quality of their prints. These printers are highly sought after wherever you go as not only are they affordable, you get professional results from them.

Fargo produces many of these plastic  ID card printers. The DTC1500 is one of these. It’s a printer that is user-friendly, ensuring the user of clear prints which are easily identifiable.

Card Personalization

Applications for these printers include printing of ID cards as well as for access control. You’ll discover that this versatile printer isn’t only great for card printing together with encoding,  but it actually personalises your cards as well as magnetic stripe cards.

Fargo card printers such as this particular printer are ideal for printing cards, and the DTC1500 is the latest from Fargo to enter the market. Schools, colleges, businesses, government departments and universities and just some of the places where you’ll find this particular card printer.

When you’re looking to buy an identity card printer from Fargo, you’ll find that they been manufactured to print out high quality ID cards each and every time. It pays to do research because you’ll discover that there are important differences between them but they can be upgraded to suit your changing needs.  

A Host of Useful Add-Ons

Whichever operating system you’re using, check that the printer is compatible. Make sure to invest in a card printer with the correct encoder if you need to covert date into a coded form.  The DTC1500 offers you the chance to have these encoding capabilities. In fact this card printer can be upgraded as needed, and encoding can be added, as well as lamination or wifi.  

Let’s look at some key features of this DTC1500 -

  • High printing quality - 300 dpi
  • Thermal-resin erasing as well as rewrite capabilities  
  • Built-in Ethernet and USB connection. The DTC1500 can be reached remotely by a host of   computers across a local network. You can even add wireless connectivity to your printer whenever you wish. 
  • Print Speed – the printer comes with different speeds - 6 seconds per card, 16 seconds or 24 seconds for a card
  • Colour: choose all colours or black and white
  • Printer anywhere you want with the wifi accessory 
  • Watermark – users can make use of a tailored or customized watermark, otherwise known as a security logo or text to the card. Because this permanent watermark is printed within the overlay panel of the card, duplication is virtually out of the question. It isn’t necessary to invest in any extra equipment for this watermark which means no extra costs for you.  
  • Super secure – benefit from password protection.  With the printers theft-proof security features, you can carry out any printing programme and be sure that no data theft takes place or that there is unauthorized usage. 
  • Resin Scramble Data Protection – you benefit from extra protection because information printed with a resin panel becomes unreadable. 
  • Environmentally friendly, energy efficient printer – GreenCircle certified 
  • Double-sided printing – the printer comes as a single-sided or doublel-sided printer 
  • High-quality print or DPI – dots per inch ensure clear barcodes or text 
  • Magnetic stripe encoding
  • Lamination available
  • Flexible design – you can upgrade your lamination, encoding and double-sided printing needs
  • There is a web-enabled camera which comes included with your DTC1500. Nice and compact it simply changes to cope with all card printing applications. Users will be delighted with the printer that you simply plug in and use with excellent prints emerging within minutes.
  • 3 Year Warranty on the printer and the print head
  • Card Printer service Guarantee comes with each card printer and it is free of charge. Fargo have an excellent technical support team standing by to tackle any problems, should there be any, in-house. You can chat to them by using the live-chat feature or you can make use of their toll-free number.

High Capacity but Ever Affordable Printing

This cool DTC1500 card printer is made for the reliable production of credentials which last, making use of print ribbons which can cope with high capacity needs but remaining affordable. You’re never going to sacrifice on print quality with this great versatile printer which speedily tackles 150 double sided cards in an hour. 


Fargo isn’t going to let you down, and an additional bonus you can get training on the printer. Why not invest in training with Fargo’s support team so that in a jiffy your DTC15000 ID cardinter can have you working it like a pro.  

Simple put in the ribbon and start producing cards with text and graphics as needed. You’ll  learn about the printers unique and useful features and how to load the different accessories that come with it and soon you’ll be on you way to producing your own professional-quality ID cards.