Expiring and Non-Expiring Visitors Badges

Expiring and Non-Expiring Visitors Badges

Visitor badges help with workplace security and extend a company's brand to improve the visitor experiences. Issuing visitor badges should be part of effective visitor control procedures. It is recommended that non-escorted visitors and escorted visitors be granted different types of visitor badges.

Information on the badges can include the date, visitor's name, and the company sponsors. Frequent facility visitors such as service people and janitors may be issued permanent vendor identification badges.

Regardless of access needs, visitors should be processed efficiently and accurately with a sense of friendliness and welcome. The level of security depends on the intellectual and physical assets to which visitors need access.

Facilities sometimes require pre-screening identification of visitors who will be escorted on the premises. Other accepts a driver's license or business card from someone who is appropriately dressed. Most strategies for visitor security range somewhere between those extremes.

The security director must determine the level of implementation that is appropriate. Visitor badges may provide access authorization for a single entry or an authorized period. They can be issued as one-day access to employees who arrive without regular access credentials or to contractors or temps expected to be in the facility for periods such as a week or month.

Expiring Visitor Badges

Expiring visitor badges change colour or develop slanted red lines. The change means the badges are 'VOID.' To activate expiring badges a specially treated layer of material is pressed to the back of the badges. 

Ink seeps through until it is visible from the front. The colour change is temperature and time sensitive. The badge remains valid at room temperature for most of the business day. Expiration timing is also affected by climate and body heat.

An expiring visitor badge worn close to the skin by someone in a T-shirt will expire sooner than one worn in an air-conditioned office by someone wearing a suit. Typically, a pale 'void' image emerges after wearing an expiring visitor badge for four to six hours.

The colour intensity increases slowly. The time limit exceeds the duration of the average visit. The badges will be void after that time whether they are issued morning, noon, or night. They cannot be reused again to gain unauthorized access.

Employees seeing someone with a visitor badge will know if the person has permission to be in the facility. People at the front desk do not have to be concerned about collecting visitor badges from visitors when they leave.

The expiring visitor badges are useful in both deterrence and detection. It is unlikely that a person will attempt to gain unauthorized access wearing an expired badge because it immediately exposes the person as a trespasser.

In nearly every instance, the voided badge prevents unauthorized use. Deterrence is an ideal line of defence in security protocol. ID Security Online provides expiring visitor badges that expire

  • Immediately
  • In Four Hours
  • 18 Hours
  • Seven Days
  • 30 Days

They are used for contractors, temporary employees, visitors, vendors, and visitors. The expiring visitor badges are affordable, effective, and simple. They increase security and control access by identifying vendors and visitors that enter a facility. Expiring visitor badges offer a visitor identification system that streamlines the way visitors is documented.

Non-Expiring Visitor Badges

Non-expiring visitor badges are also prominent identification that allows temporary access. They consist of thermally printed ID labels that are applied to the back of reusable PVC badges. Direct thermal printing can also be done on clip-on tags designed for such use.

The visitor's name, authorized dates and times, or other pertinent information can be printed on the badges and issued to visitors. Non-expiring visitor badges available from ID Security Online are

  • White Thermal Printable Adhesive Paper
  • Red 'Visitor' Manual Plain Adhesive Paper
  • Blank Thermal-Printed Clip-on Cardbadge
  • Adhesive Name Badge Labels with Clip Hole-Dymo
  • Red Manual 'School Visitor'
  • Black 'Valid This Date Only' Thermal-Printed OnestepTimetoken