Evolis Edikio Printers Create a New Visual Standard for Hospitality and Food-Service Displays

Evolis Edikio Printers Create a New Visual Standard for Hospitality and Food-Service Displays

The Edikio Printer — an all-in-one solution for printing information tags/labels on plastic cards. Built specifically for stores, hotels and restaurants, Edikio tag-printing solutions allow anyone to easily create professionally designed, aesthetically appealing and eye-catching price tags, buffet tags and practical tags on plastic cards. Perfect for most any food or other point-of-purchase display.

Edikio leads the industry by delivering real advantages.


It’s the little things that enhance a hospitality establishment’s brand image. Display labels may not seem like a big deal, but they pack a punch when done right. When your service and retail display labels/tags are visually appealing, consistent, and high quality, your operation shines. Your guests feel the establishment’s professionalism. A solid brand image emerges as your display labels offer guests helpful information about your products and services.

A display label/tag that offers targeted, high-use information to guests/customers in an appealing format reveals your establishment’s integrity, concern for patrons’ well-being, and respect for discerning buyers. It lets customers see you as the well-organized, customer-oriented operation you are. Consistency in visual presentation of products and related information shows you’re on top of your game.

With the Evolis Edikio printer your restaurant, hotel, or other retail establishment can:

  • Accentuate its brand image by better managing food-service and other displays.
  • Make customers’ lives smarter by displaying product ingredients, health information right on the cards.
  • Customize original tags/labels with company logos and thematic artistic elements.
  • Attract customer attention with appealing graphics and information.
  • Create a sense of confidence among patrons in the quality of your product offerings by enhancing their presentation—with a consistently professional look.

Each of these capabilities makes for a better customer experience.


By using an Evolis Edikio printer, you’ll eliminate confusion, save staff time, enable faster and informed patron choices, and trigger more sales by effectively providing key information clients need (in the right language) right at the point of sale.

Evolis Edikio tags/labels not only enable you to position your messages in just the right places, they afford you on-the-fly flexibility.

  • Tag/card placement accessories like stands, grippers and promo flags add even more presentation style, function, and options. These plastic card holders come in a variety of shapes, sizes and functional designs, formats and colours—making adaptability of presentation for any display need a cinch.
  • Clearly display product information (e.g., ingredients, allergens) on the right tag at the right moment for the right occasion, whenever your display, menu, or inventory changes.
  • You know your customers and what they want, and Evolis Edikio printers let you decide at any moment what detail they like to see to inform their product choices. You know how to draw your customers’ attention and can create just the right tags/labels for each item and occasion.
  • The right cards deliver the right look—a high-quality look with plenty of high-contrast options. Black tags printed in white letters convey an authentic slate-like appearance. With Evolis’s comprehensive line of consumables —ideal for use in food environments—your tags and labels will always look great and grab attention in the right way.


The hospitality business is a fast-paced enterprise especially in food-service departments. Keeping up with changing menus, products, and day-to-day, hour-by-hour customer choices and labeling changes can be daunting—and can be impossible if you rely on an outside provider for labels.

But the Evolis Edikio tag/label printers liberate hospitality operators by creating high-caliber tags/labels on demand in minutes as business (and product) ebbs and flows throughout the day. In this manner the Evolis Edikio printers become a key element of your operation’s retail communication protocols.

This timely efficiency ensures your display tags/labels always convey the right information throughout the day. When a tag/label is needed, your team can create it onsite in just minutes. No need to risk customers seeing old or inaccurate labels.

  • Multi-Purpose — Beyond tags and labels, Evolis Edikio solutions also allow users to create many other cards regularly used in hospitality and restaurant settings, from employee badges and gift cards to events cards and entry cards.
  • Free Yourself — Regain your independence by eliminating set delivery times, content/style limitations, and minimum-order restrictions imposed by label suppliers.
  • Easy to Use — The Evolis Edikio software is simple to understand, allows you to generate highly customized labels in minutes, and provides the features and options needed to ensure you don’t miss a beat when generating just the right label at just the right moment. These compact printers have a minimal footprint, can work most anywhere, and print on credit-card-sized and long tags.


In food-service retail environments hygiene is important to customer safety and comfort, your organization’s professionalism, and compliance with applicable food-service sanitation standards.

Because the Evolis Edikio PVC cards are hygienic, durable, and easy to keep clean, they’re particularly well suited to food-service establishments.

  • The credit card format is small enough to give customers a clear view of displayed products, yet big enough to pack the right information and get noticed. These cards do not visually obstruct the products on display.
  • The long-card format allows your labels/tags to feature more information, and ensure better readability, for specific circumstances where more detail is helpful to customers, and when regulations require that more product information appear in labeling.
  • The Evolis Edikio PVC cards can withstand cold and moisture, which helps ensure your operations are in compliance with applicable health and safety regulations.

Examples of the information hospitality retailers can/should include on food-service tags/label include:

  • Logo
  • Product name
  • Allergens
  • Ingredients
  • Product Source
  • Calories