Fargo Card Printer Supplies

ID Security Online has all the trusted supplies and accessories for over 10 current and legacy Fargo ID card printers—and offers them at very favorable prices. We sell printheads, color printer ribbons, overlaminates, retransfer film and other essentials like upgrade modules, cleaning kits and plastic cards specially designed for Fargo card printers. With original, quality Fargo supplies, your ID card printer will last longer and is easily serviced to do more and perform to a high standard. The right Fargo supplies make your card printing affordable for the long term.

Find supplies for models:

Fargo Card Printer Supplies are available for all the Fargo Printers shown below—click on your printer to see everything you need to keep your printer operating smoothly and while ensuring card users can effectively present secure credentials.

We carry a huge inventory of in-stock supplies for all Fargo ID Card Printers, even those that have been discontinued.

Color Ribbons: choose YMCKO ribbons to print your cards in full color on one side or both sides of your cards. For dual sided card printers, YMCKOK ribbons are perfect to print vivid colors on one side and sharp monochrome text and graphics on the back.

We also carry half-panel color ribbons to print up to half of your cards in color and the rest of your cards in monochrome.

Monochrome Ribbons: we carry a full line of monochrome ribbons. Choose a black ribbon to add crisp text or barcodes on your cards or add a touch of color with red, green, or blue ribbons. Gold and silver ribbons are also available to create unique badges.

Cleaning Kits: cleaning your ID Card Printer is critical to ensure optimal print quality and care for your ID Card System. From cleaning cards to cleaning pens, we make it easy to protect your investment.

PVC Cards: our line of premium ID Cards is a perfect to issue high-quality badges on demand. Choose from different thicknesses, colors, materials and options to print the badges that are right for you.

Lamination: your laminating ID Card Printer can help you fight against card tampering and counterfeiting by adding a clear or holographic layer of protection to your cards. Whatever your choice is, we have the perfect solution.

Retransfer Film: if you have a retransfer card printer, you will need retransfer film to issue stunning over-the-edge badges.

Printheads: we carry replacement printheads for all ID Card Printers.

Upgrade Modules: bring your card printer to the next level by adding printing or encoding modules. Some options are even field-upgradable for easy set-up.

Legacy Printer Supplies: we carry all the supplies that you need, even if your card printer has been discontinued for a while. Just let us know what you are looking for, and we will provide you with the right items.

SKU: 81760
Retail Price: $38.75
Sale Price: $30.00
For use with: Fargo HDP5000, HDP820, DTC500
SKU: 84054
Retail Price: $538.00
Sale Price: $397.00
For use with: Fargo HDP5000
SKU: 45114
Retail Price: $112.00
Sale Price: $78.00
For use with: DTC4000, Fargo DTC4250e
SKU: 47709
Retail Price: $729.04
For use with: DTC1000, Fargo DTC1250e, DTC4000, Fargo DTC4250e, DTC4500, Fargo DTC4500e
SKU: 45106
Retail Price: $65.00
Sale Price: $45.00
For use with: DTC1000, Fargo DTC1250e, DTC4000, Fargo DTC4250e
SKU: 45130
Retail Price: $65.00
Sale Price: $45.00
For use with: Fargo C50, DTC1000, Fargo DTC1250e, DTC4000, Fargo DTC4250e, Fargo DTC4500e, DTC1000M, DTC1000Me
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