Fargo Lamination Module for HDP5000

Item#: 88935
Manufacturer: Fargo
Retail Price: $3447.60
More Options: 88936
For use with: HDP5000


Laminating your cards will reduce the risk of counterfeiting and tampering, while extending the life of your cards. The Fargo HDP5000 lamination module applies a patch to your cards to limit gradual dye migration and protect text and images from UV light.

Applying a holographic overlaminate or holographic HDP Film to the front of an ID card improves its durability and security. If someone tries to peel apart the layers of a card, printed images and text will be destroyed.

Your Fargo HDP5000 card printer with a single-sided lamination module will be perfect for secure corporate IDs, Government IDs, Healthcare cards or student IDs.

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