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Reasons to choose IDSecurityOnline
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  • Student ID Cards
  • Tutor and Teacher ID Cards
  • School / College Visitor ID Cards
  • Access Control
  • Attendance and Absence Tracking
  • Event Control and Monitoring
  • Safety Access and Control

There is nothing more important than keeping young people safe. From children to teenagers and young adults, all students and tutors need reassurance that they can attend classes with safe access. Educational bodies and organizations trust ID Security Online with professional, secure ID badge printing for access control and identity checks alike.

Our catalog of ID card printers and brands will provide your educational body with the confidence to welcome and protect those who have access to your school.

Our printing systems and hardware will allow you to take complete control of your ID card printing in-house. At the point of registration, you will be able to produce great-looking ID badges and cards which can be used to access individual rooms, zones and which will allow holders to pass ID checks without a second glance.

Using the height of professional holographic coating, impression, and visual security standards, it has never been easier to print and produce educational ID cards.

Choose an ID printer that's right for you - which appeals to your school's needs, as well as which caters to the safety needs of your students and faculty.

Questions & Answers

Safety and security are essential to our institution. Will our ID cards be printed without the risk of counterfeiting?

We only ever supply ID card printing hardware, which fights back against the threat of counterfeiting. In an environment as sensitive as a school or college, you will need cards and badges which cannot be duplicated. Using the best in holographic overlay technology, watermark imprinting, and other unique features, you can rest assured that your cards will be impervious to threats of copying.

Can I print access control cards for classrooms and restricted areas?

Yes! Access control is something we highly recommend. Key cards which can be scanned either via chip or magnetic strip will allow faculty members and students to access certain rooms and zones. What's more, this means your facilities will remain closed-off to unwanted visitors who won't have access to such technology. You can print access cards with a wide variety of printers in our catalog.
Don't worry. If you find that your ID card printer stops working for any reason during its lifetime, contact our team to arrange a repair. While your ID card printer is being fixed, we will supply you with a temporary machine to cater to your needs in the meantime. Call us directly if you have any repair needs or concerns.
Yes. Printable ID cards can also be used to pay for certain services and items. With professional ID card printing, you can produce scannable technology which can be loaded with credit. This can then be used by students and staff in your canteen to pay for food and drink without having to handle any physical money.

As well as being scannable for access, school security can easily check the ID of a cardholder without having to ask too many questions. ID cards you could print may include photo ID, holder data and access information, as well as watermarking and holographic imprints. This technology will allow your security team to confirm that a card is legitimate before allowing access confidently.
Yes. Our ID card printers and software will allow you to imprint logos, colors, and branding unique to your school. That will add an additional layer of visual security to your cards. What's more, they will look fantastic!
We encourage you always to print temporary cards where possible. Flimsy passes simply don't do enough! Design and print temporary vetted visitor cards which can be shredded and disposed of after use.