IDSecurityOnline Offers Secure ID Card Solutions To NYC Campus

IDSecurityOnline Offers Secure ID Card Solutions To NYC Campus


Issue secure photo ID badges to all students and employees to identify everyone at a glance and control access to the campus.


HID ISOProx II cards and Zebra P110i ID card printer

The story

When Mildred Elley School opened its lower Manhattan campus in May 2010, the success was immediate.  Today, more than 700 students are enrolled in certificate and associate degree programs in the health care and business fields.

Keeping hundreds of students safe and secure is a serious challenge for every campus and it all starts with implementing the right ID card solution.

Headley Duncan, IT & Facilities Manager at Mildred Elley School, was in charge of finding the perfect ID system. “Mildred Elley has a large campus in Albany, NY so I contacted my colleagues over there to find out which solution they were using. I learned that each student and staff member had a custom HID Proximity card for easy and secure access to the premises. Each badge was personalized with the name and picture of the student.”

HID Proximity cards are read-only devices that have a range of operation that typically varies from 2.5” to 20” depending on the reader. Mildred Elley School chose a certain type of Prox cards called HID ISOProx II. These cards offer proximity card technology with photo identification capability. The card features a graphics quality surface optimized for photo ID printing and is available in standard PVC material, or a composite polyester/PVC construction for high wear and tear environments.

“It was critical for us to issue photo ID badges so we chose HID ISOProx II cards. Our campus in Albany was using a Zebra P110i card printer to personalize each card. Their system was running smoothly so we decided to implement the same solution.”

HID ISOProx II cards also come with slot punch capability, which was a critical requirement for Mildred Elley. “Student safety can only be achieved if all students wear their ID badge. Getting pre-punched cards helps us enforce our ID card program.”

The next step was to find an ID retailer to purchase programmed HID ISOProx II cards. “I contacted HID and they gave me the contact information of their reseller in New York City: ID Security Online. I called them and spoke with their sales director, Eli Feig, who answered all my questions and sent me a quote for all the items that I needed.” says Headley Duncan.

Today, Mildred Elley School prints about 200 student and employee ID cards every 2 to 3 months. “I am very satisfied with our current ID card solution. We regularly purchase cards from ID Security Online and the service is always outstanding.”


ID Security Online is a leading retailer of ID card solutions, including ID card printers, photo ID systems, supplies and accessories.

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