When Should I Consider Adding Loaner Coverage?

When Should I Consider Adding Loaner Coverage?

You might be wondering if it pays to add loaner coverage if you’re considering buying an ID card printer system for your business. There are pros and cons to adding this extra coverage to your system that you should consider carefully before making the decision to buy.

What is Loaner Coverage?

When your ID printer needs serviced or maintained by IDSecurityOnline’s expert technicians, if you have loaner coverage, you’ll get a spare printer so that you can keep operations rolling back at your office. Say your printer breaks or requires an annual maintenance check and you bring it to IDSecurityOnline for a service visit. You could be without a printer for several days up to several weeks while your printer is being worked on.

With loaner coverage, you’re guaranteed a replacement printer similar to the one you currently use so that you can keep your business operational for the duration your printer is in the shop. This helps you to eliminate the downtime that comes with repair or maintenance work.

How Does it Work?

Many printers come with exceptional manufacturers’ warranties that include the use of loaner printers. In some cases, however, the loaner coverage period doesn’t always match the warranty period, and you’ll have a gap of a year or so where you won’t have loaner coverage. You can fill those gaps with either an extended warranty or loaner coverage options to ensure you’re covered for a longer period of time.

If your printer does have problems, the first thing you need to do is call one of our factory trained and certified technicians. Sometimes our experts can diagnose and help you fix a problem over the phone or through remote services. But sometimes the printer needs to be returned to IDSecurityOnline for repair.

If this happens, we’ll ship a loaner printer to your office via overnight shipping. You’ll have full use of the loaner for as long as we are working on your printer. We’ll send your printer back to you when it’s repaired, and you simply ship back to the loaner to IDSecurityOnline. It’s that simple. And you’ll never experience downtime.

How Do I Know If I Need to Buy Loaner Coverage?

It all depends on how much you use your ID card printer. If you’re a busy office with people coming and going every day who need ID badges, you probably can’t afford to be without a printer. It would disrupt your business operations.

But if you print only a few cards at a time, and can issue temporary badges until you get your printer back from being repaired, then you might not need to buy loaner coverage.

Ask yourself this question:

  • How disruptive to our normal operations will it be to be without our ID card printer?
  • Now sit back and analyze the level of panic that question instills. Did your heart start to race and a cold sweat break out on your brow? Then you’ll need to buy loaner coverage.
  • But if your level of panic was low, you probably don’t need loaner coverage. You’ll be alright.

The IDSecurityOnline Difference

For more information about our loaner coverage program and our extended warranties, please call one of our experts today to discuss your options. We’re here to make sure your operations run smoothly and to help dissipate that panicky feeling. We’ve got your back.