Single and Dual sided ID Cards Printers

Difference between a single-sided  ID card printer and a dual-sided ID card printer?

A double sided printer will print on both sides of the  ID card whereas a single sided printer will only print on one side of the  ID card. A single sided printer is necessary for creating ID cards with limited cardholder information. It has a full color and monochrome printing capability. It offers magnetic stripe and smart card encoding options. You can choose direct-to-card or a stunning reverse transfer print technology. Printing ID cards from a single sided printer can be time consuming. Most card printer manufactures discourage the use of a single sided printer primarily that this printer tends to damage the sensitive print heads in the print cards.

When you handle an ID card that has been printed, it will likely come into contact with dust, debris, and oil from your hands. Placing your ID card handled that way back into your single sided printer will contaminate your printer's print head. Consequently, this practice will damage the printhead pixel which will not only affect the quality of your printed card output, it will also be expensive to repair and replace it.

 Dual sided ID card printers save time  and resources by printing  both sides of the ID card  in just a single run. These printers are ideal for high ID programs that need  certain information printed on the backside of the ID cards. A dual sided printer prints the card holder's information in the back of the card in order for the front of the card to look  more smooth and clean. Dual sided printers can apply full color graphic, text, and other design components to both sides of the ID card.

 Certain single sided printers include the option to upgrade to a dual sided printer. Additionally, many single- and dual-sided printers offer easy upgrades to magnetic encoding and even lamination capability. To learn more about printer  upgrade options, we highly recommend you research printers that offer upgrades to your likings.