Don’t Forget Your Retransfer Printer Supply Essentials

Don’t Forget Your Retransfer Printer Supply Essentials

It might seem like a small matter to some, but the quality and security of your ID printing solution is of great consequence to government agencies and organizations where security is paramount. The line item is not the place you go to find budget savings and second tier solutions are unacceptable. If that sounds like your organization and you are tasked with procuring such a system, then retransfer printing is your end objective. If you are unsure if this is headed, then might we suggest you run through a quick checklist.

  • Do you need high definition printing for small and complex characters?
  • Is it essential for you to know if an ID has been tampered with?
  • Are you looking for laser engraving or the application of tactile security features?
  • Do you envision embedded electronics such as chips or antennae?

If the answer to any or all of those questions is “yes”, then retransfer printing technology is in your future. When you need to print high-quality secure IDs and do so by the thousands, you grab a retransfer printer like the Fargo HDP6600 Retransfer Single Sided ID Card Printer with Flattener. Sure, that’s a long name to say in one breath, but that’s just because it’s a magnificent machine with all the cool extras you will need. That being said, there are some additional components that you will need to secure along with your printer. So let’s get right to the point and offer a guide to everything you will need to keep your retransfer printer up and running.

Retransfer Printer Basics

For those that may be a little new to the printer industry, let’s cover a few basics first. ‘After all, you might be the new procurement manager who was tasked with ordering more printer supplies. You need to look like you know what you are doing, but you could use a little help to impress the boss on day one. When we say retransfer printer, it refers to the process of putting the image on the card itself.

Utilizing transfer film, the printer will print the desired image on the underside of the film. It will then apply the film to the surface of the card. This places the image between the card and film which offers a healthy layer of protection. You still get a stunning, high-quality image that will now last a little longer. It also allows for an array of security elements to be featured flawlessly.

In addition, retransfer printers like the Fargo HDP6600 mentioned above can print at blazing speeds  of 230 cards per hour (YMCK with transfer). Printers like the Datacard CR805 Single Sided Retransfer ID Card Printer are not quite as fast, but it can still print at a pace of 100 cards per hour (CMYKP). Both printers are capable of printing at resolutions of 600 dots per inch. Long story short, if you are the new procurement manager, then you can’t go wrong with a retransfer printer. Just click order and tell your boss you got it covered with confidence. We’ll then back you up with some amazing technology. Now let’s talk about the supplies you will need addition.

Quality Retransfer Film

Your high-tech retransfer printer is going to have a pretty hard time retransferring anything without an ample supply of Quality Retransfer Film. We’ve got a healthy selection, regardless of what printer you choose.  Remember, this is the essential element that not only secures the image to the card, but that also protects the end result. Depending on how many cards you intend to print, it is a good idea to have a healthy supply of film on hand. Essential organizations like healthcare institutions and government agencies can’t take a day off to resupply.  If you run out of film, your operation goes down.

Quality Color Ribbon

Look, you could print in black and white if you wanted to, but don’t do it. Printer technology has come too far for you not to embrace the vivid colors that it can produce. The color also adds an element of professionalism and high-end quality that you want to display. So you’ll want to sort through our array of Full Color Ribbons and decide which product matches your model of retransfer printer. Once again, this is an essential element so best to have plenty in stock at any given time. Beyond just aesthetics, color IDs are more difficult to forge due to the need to match the colors precisely.

Don’t Forget the Card Itself

This might seem obvious, but you’d be surprised how often companies spend a great deal of time on selecting a printer, but forget the cards themselves. Once again, if you are the new procurement manager, this is not a mistake that you want to make. We offer a broad selection of quality PVC cards that come in different depths and sizes. Now here is where you have to pay attention. Due to the high temperatures created by retransfer printers, we strongly recommend using composite PVC cards. These cards are 60% PVC and 40% PET which makes them more durable under the heat.

Retransfer Printer Cleaning Kit

Finally, don’t forget a printer cleaning kit to keep your printer at the top of its game. Your printer is a tool and any tool that gets a lot of work will need some regular maintenance. So it is important to show your printer the proper respect from time to time by keeping it clean. If you take care of the machine, the machine will take care of you. We offer comprehensive cleaning kits that come with everything you need. If you just need more any particular item, we sell individual pieces like cleaning rollers and cleaning cards on their own.

In Conclusion

A retransfer printer is a great tool and a great solution to your organization’s ID card needs. This is especially true where quality and security are placed at a premium. You’ll still need to decide which ID card software you want to use as well as other accessories like lanyards and more to complete your package. Don’t worry, we sell those too. However, if you stick to the above retransfer printer essentials, then you really can’t go wrong. If you still have questions, just reach out to us and we’d love to help. We have an elite team of customer support specialists ready to guide your organization down the right path. Don’t forget to check out the rest of our ID Card Printing Solutions and enjoy the rest of your day.