Printheads vs. Ink Cartridges

ID Security Online sells a wide selection of ID card printers that print secure and reliable ID card with high quality images. Additionally, we provide different types of printheads for your printer. Using a genuine printhead is a great way to keep your ID cards looking professional while printing secure and durable ID cards. The printheads on all ID cards printers tend to wear out after some heavy usage leaving line across the ID card as it is printed and the image quality decreases. The printhead kit is configured so that you can replace your card printer's printhead in-field without having to send the printer in for servicing. That way, you will be able to start printing high quality and professional looking ID cards again.

Ink Cartridges

An ink cartridge is the replaceable part of a printer that contains the ink used for printing. An ink cartridge is essentially a container for the ink, but for many ink jet printers, the printhead is also part of the ink cartridge as a single unit.  On some printer models, the printer cartridge contains the print heads, so when a new cartridge is installed so are new print heads. Some printer models have separate print cartridges for different colors. Each of these cartridges would contain their own set of print heads. Other printers use the same print heads for each color printed. Print cartridges do not require maintenance since they are replaced on a regular basis. If print heads are not integrated in the print cartridge, they must regularly be cleaned to keep operating optimally.

A toner cartridge is considerably larger than an ink cartridge that is found in most household inkjet printers. Size is not the only difference, however, inkjet cartridges contain liquid ink whereas toner cartridges hold a powder that is a concoction of carbon and polymer.  To apply this material onto paper, the toner powder is heated and ultimately fused.  The images are created by opposite electrical charges that bind fibers and create smudge-free, long-lasting prints.

We highly recommend that you use printer supplies that match with your model of printer because you know you'll be getting that same level of quality. ID Security Online offers an extensive collection of card printer supplies including ink cartridges. We sell ink cartridges are compatible with multiple models from the same manufacturer. We provide cartridges that are designed to fit in specific printers. Whether you have a Fargo, Evolis, Magicard or a Zebra ID card printer, we help you select the appropriate ink cartridge for you. Our supplies are guaranteed to give you the consistent results that you expect from our high-quality products.