Photo ID System and Supplies


A photo ID system is an integral component of creating an effective ID program.  In our modern high tech world, photo ID cards are found far and wide with many different uses. Driver's licenses or passports are no longer the main focus for photo ID. With the sophistication and convenience of a photo ID system, companies are able to easily integrate photo ID into their organizations and enjoy the benefits they have to offer.  

Photo ID systems are often referred to as starter kits because they come with everything you need to jumpstart the card printing process. Each photo ID card system includes a professional card printer from one of the industry's leading manufacturers, along with a ID design software and all the supplies necessary to get your program up and running.

The photo ID system features these following elements:


The ID card printer is the central component of any professional ID system. It’s designed specifically for the task of producing high-quality IDs on durable PVC plastic cards.

ID Software

Photo ID software supplies you with the tools you need to design your ID cards, manage cardholder records, and communicate with databases.

Photo ID Camera

Digital ID cameras integrate with design software so your images are correctly sized and automatically imported into the card template.

ID Cards

Most ID programs use standard blank PVC cards that are the same size as the credit card in your wallet. These economical cards are highly durable and provide an ideal canvas for printing high-quality photo IDs.


Card printer ribbons are easy to install and come in different formats depending on your needs and your printer model. Most use a special dye-sublimation process for long-lasting cards that are resistant to fading.

Cleaning Kit

You can easily avoid common issues such as broken ribbons and streaky printing by cleaning your ID car printer. Special cleaning kits are required for this process.


Some ID card programs incorporate additional equipment like data capture devices such as signature capture pads, fingerprint scanners, and barcode readers to assist with database creation and maintenance.

Rather than just settling for one of these pre-packaged solutions, you should have a full understand of the photo ID  system, as well as its features and limitations. Moreover, it behooves you to make sure that the system lives up to its performances in order to avoid future disappointments and waste money on a useless program.