Use of Photo ID System at Event Organizations and Management

Use of Photo ID System at Event Organizations and Management

The concerns of security are rising. Enterprise corporations, healthcare facilities, educational campuses and government agencies are looking for reliable, scalable and cost-effective solutions for creating ID badges on-demand that are safe.

The credentials provide one or numerous purposes, and they come in different forms. They can be simple photo ID cards with badges permitting physical access via wall-mounted card readers. Sophisticated technology is incorporated into multi-functional smart cards that give access to protected attendance, tracks time, network or data.

The scope of secure ID card printing covers a broad range. It is an overwhelming task to comprehend the options of technology and select the right solution. The things to consider when evaluating a process will assist in selecting the ID card printing solution that satisfies the user’s different needs.


Consider how many cards and how often they will be printed. The ID printing solution required is influenced by large batches, intermittently printed or new cards printed many times per year. Some models are intended to print intermittent large volumes only.

Others are intended for single huge batch runs. Another option is hand-fed print job printers. The organization requires a printer that is intended to meet its requirements. Huge batch runs need a card printer helping large yield consumables such as color ribbons or laminate.

The productivity is maximized. Operators do not need to replace or change out materials continuously. It is recommended to select a printer that has considerable output or input hopper capacity, for high volume demand.


The efficiency of an ID card printing system boils down to how efficiently the credentials that are given satisfy the demand of a user of the expected card’s life. Ponder about the environment or conditions to which the card will be exposed and the anticipated life of the card.

Printed images are protected by HDP film. It offers clear visual proof if a trial to temper happens and produces the credentials that are long-lasting. Another option is laminate cards. Over-lamination is there in several thicknesses that lengthen the card’s life.

If over-laminates are cost prohibitive or durability is not a high concern, there is a third option. You can use a highly durable and HDP printer, on-card film.

A 45% reduction in costs of equipment and 25% decrease in material costs are realized.


You cannot overstate the importance of security. It is because entities are looking for ID card printing solutions. Visual and technical security elements which are supported by many solutions make sure that an organization’s identities are safe and tamper-proof.

It is a challenge to identify the suitable technology that matches a budget. In determining the credential security to implement, it is helpful to access the risk.

The effect of data being compromised and accessed should be considered. The information could be databases, financial systems, client or patient records or classified documents. Grave breaches can result in financial fraud or propriety information that causes unrecoverable losses costing millions.

The possible losses like these make it significant that people with access to the organization’s buildings, personnel and systems are identified easily with credentials that are hard to duplicate. Use a solution that supports different security technologies.

If security requires change or increase, only consumables or new accessories need to be bought, and the core printer remains intact.


An ID card printing leader in the industry is IDSecurityOnline. The company carries a whole line of products like ID card printers, photo ID systems, ID card software, card printer supplies and badges accessories.

The Magicard Rio Pro Single-Sided ID Card System and the Fargo HDP5600 Dual-Sided ID Card System are the most famous models

The Magicard printer is protected with software and camera. The printer is wholly Mac OS X well-suited. It has a warranty of 3 years. Other features include:

  • Starter Cleaning Kit
  • CD with Documentation and Drivers
  • USB Cable
  • 500 White PVC Cards
  • 300 Prints Full-Colour Ribbon
  • CardPresso ID Software XXS
  • ID Camera from Microsoft LifeCam Studio

It is outfitted with a 100-card feeder and a 70-card stacker to assist print batches of cards. The Magicard printer contains a single feed mode. A watermark can be printed at no additional cost. It prints during the regular cycle of printing.

The Fargo printer is well-suited with Windows, such as Windows 10. In 24 seconds, the printer offers 600 DPI full colors.

Both the print head and printer have a warranty of 3 years and with one-year loaner coverage. The Dual-Sided ID Card Printer includes:

  • Power and USB Cord
  • 30 Mil CR80.30 White PVC Cards
  • Fargo's HDP5600 Clear Film
  • Fargo's HDP5600 Color Ribbon –YMCK
  • ID Camera from Microsoft Life-Cam Studio
  • Assure ID Solo Software