Photo ID Camera

Photo ID Camera

Photo ID cameras are generally used for printing out passport style pictures suitable for your ID card. Many organizations, companies, facilities, educational institutions, medical facilities, and government offices use these cameras as an integral component to the photo ID system. A photo id requires the visual representation of the card holder on the card. There are a number of options to obtain the necessary picture to place on the current PVC plastic card standard of today.

A popular type of ID card camera is the webcam. The webcam is connected to the PC and takes photos through a computer application. A future cardholder will stand next to a backdrop in front of the camera while the computer operator previews the photo, snaps the picture and imports it into the computer for use. The webcam option works well if all of the employees are in the same location as the employee must come to the computer area for the picture to be taken.

The popular digital camera on the market will also take high quality photos for id badges. The badge maker can mount the camera on a tripod and take pictures of cardholders in any location. Upon return of the camera to the computer, the pictures can be uploaded into a file or into the ID card software being used to complete the badge. The drawback to this type of picture is often user related. Most cameras take large, quality pictures. The size of these photos is too cumbersome for most photo id software. The best size for photo ids is 640×480 pixels or as small as the camera will save the picture.

When looking for a new camera for a photo id system or for a complete upgrade of a current system, you should contact a company that specializes in ID card printing products. Companies that sell id products concentrate in keeping current on the most advanced trends in ID card system components. A consultation will result in the company representative considering the requirements of the badging job and the printer/software components that the camera will be interacting with. The best options can be evaluated to meet badge making and budget requirements.

ID Security Online offers a variety of digital cameras that focus on making capturing, uploading, and cropping into a quick, convenient and enjoyable experience. We also offer a range of user-friendly digital cameras that are inexpensive, easy to install and easy to use. These cameras are designed to create images that perfectly meet the specifications of professional photo ID programs. Some even provide live video so you can see the image on the monitor as you get ready to capture the image. When used with ID card software, it's also possible to import your photos straight from your camera into your card design.

Photo ID cameras work together with ID card printers and ID card software to create high-quality images. With ID cameras designed specifically for use in photo ID applications, images will always be the right size and format. Coupled with ID software, it’s even possible to import photos straight into your card design. ID Security Online offers a variety of photo ID cameras that make image capture and upload hassle free.

Cropping and sizing of pictures can be a time consuming process. To resolve this problem, most of ID Security Online ID card printer systems provided with a camera come with drivers and software to correct the picture dimensions for ID card printing.