My first purchase of an ID card printer - 2/5

At ID Security Online, we value our customers' feedback. 

That is why we have decided to share with you the experience of one of our clients who needed to purchase an ID card printer for the first time. In this second post, Patricia finds out the differences between a direct-to-card printer and a retransfer solution.

"Calling ID Security Online was probably the best decision I had made thus far. I expected to be put on hold for hours, but that was not the case. I was immediately connected to a sales representative who walked me through my questions.

Basically I figured out that Direct to card, also known as DTC, and retransfer are the only two types of ID Card Printers available. The difference is in the printing technology.

A direct to card printer will print directly onto the plastic card and leave a small white border along the edges.

A retransfer printer will print a card with no borders – commonly referred to as “edge-to-edge” printing using a laminate film, which is then bonded to the card. This printing process is apparently used on cards with technology.

By this point I was pretty sure I needed a DTC printer and the sales person confirmed it with a little more detail. He explained that Direct to card printers are the standard and they tend to run cheaper than a retransfer printer. In order to find the right DTC printer for my company I was told I needed to choose between single and double-sided printer models...”

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