Maximize the use of your Photo ID Card System

Maximize the use of your Photo ID Card System

You’ve just invested in an ID card system to print employee badges, but do you know you can turn that system into a powerful marketing tool?

Here’s what you can do with your card printer:

  • Visitor badges. Securing your facilities is essential. Issuing visitor badges to all incoming guests, contractors, and service providers helps you easily identify visitors, keep an accurate record of who’s on the premises, and prevent unauthorized individuals from trespassing. It also makes a great first impression on entrants. Ensuring contractors are equipped with visually verifiable ID photo badges prevents unauthorized access or tampering.
  • Event badges, passes and tickets. Printing badges for event staff and attendees is a great way to enhance security while tracking event attendance and managing the flow of people entering and exiting event venues, and limiting fraudulent duplication for unpaid entrances. Professional event badges also boost your brand image and foster more attendee interactions.
  • Cashless payment cards. Cashless payment cards offer convenience for users and more opportunity to keep your brand visible.
  • Business Cards. Make an impression with unique business cards! Printing business cards with your ID card system allows you to design them the way you want and print just the quantity you need when you need it. PVC plastic business cards are distinctive, last longer, and strike a more professional impact than traditional paper cards.
  • Time and attendance cards. Your ID card printer can allow you to implement a time and attendance program for employees or contractors, which can effectively streamline employee and visitor tracking efforts.
  • Access control badges. Card-based access-control systems are a very convenient and efficient replacement for traditional keyed access systems and provide more security.
  • Loyalty cards. Issuing loyalty cards to customers makes them feel unique and creates incentives to buy again from your store. Beyond generating more customers and increasing sales, retail loyalty cards can be a valuable method of market research. You’ll gain key customer information—who they are, what they purchase, when they visit your store—which greatly aids your future marketing actions.
  • Promotional cards. ID badges can be personalized or color-coded to classify special privileges for sales or promotions, and are especially useful for rewarding repeat customers.
  • Gift cards. You don’t need to be a large retailer to have an effective yet affordable gift-card program. Gift cards encourage people not otherwise inclined to visit your business to look around—and likely return to make additional purchases. Plus, as people purchase gift cards for friends’ birthdays or special occasions, your brand is broadly disseminated among new customers.

ID card printers feature a diverse range of capabilities. All ID card printers—from the basic to the most sophisticated—offer capabilities to effectively supplement your marketing programs, though what you can do with your ID card printer beyond printing employee ID badges depends on the printer’s capabilities, configuration, and features. In most cases, ID card printer software typically features great database tools, suitable for building, tracking, and maintaining key information on employees, visitors, classifications, promotions, etc., which is itself a valuable marketing tool.

Three featured ID card printers that work hard to support your marketing tasks are:

Entry level — the Zebra ZC100 Single-Sided Photo ID System. A great example of a versatile entry-level ID card printer that’s low-cost, and intended for small volume, and easy-to-use ID card printing. With unmatched ease of use, ease of integration and security to card printing, this single-sided printer streamlines your business processes, improves operational efficiency, and reduces time and cost. Whether it’s employee badges, ID cards, season passes and membership cards, or credit and debit cards, you choose the encoding option, or easily add a third-party contactless encoder to create “pass through” contactless cards.

Middle size/volume — the Magicard 600 Dual Sided ID Card System. For fast printing, stringent card security, Wi-Fi connectivity, and wide color spectrum so printing is more vibrant and color-rich, this world-class printer integrates seamlessly with existing infrastructure to deliver secure processing of ID credentials. Watermarks can be customized and highlighted as a high visibility security seal.

High-end — The Fargo HDP5000 Dual Sided ID Card System. Reverse transfer technology allows you to print vibrant, high-definition dual-sided cards quickly with unmatched, over-the-edge print quality. It’s exceptionally reliable, which means less printer downtime. Moreover, it allows users to issue cards suitable for any environment that resist wear and tear by putting a durable layer of HDP Film between the card image and the elements.

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