How to keep your ID card safe and secure at all times

How to keep your ID card safe and secure at all times

A few things to remember so you can keep your ID card secure and safe.

ID cards are important for security across several industries and settings. In a corporate setting, your ID card keeps your workplace safe and secure, at an event it helps people identify you, and in other work settings it helps people keep track of stock and payments. With the importance of ID cards for security purposes, keeping the card itself secure when you're wearing it will ensure you don't lose your card. Keep reading below for tips to keep your ID card secure.

Determine if you need to wear your ID card

Do you need your ID card at all times throughout the day, or only when you're going through a particular door or checkpoint for your workplace? If you don't need your ID card once you're in the office or an event keep it safe in your bag, by wearing it on a lanyard, or attaching to your clothing with a retractable badge reel.

If you're a visitor onsite at an office or project, you will likely need to wear a visitor badge. Available in a range of expiry options, if you have a self-expiring badge, it will show a particular colour or message after a specific period of time to let others know you're access level to a building or facilities. Ensure you understand when you're card is due to expire and organise for an extension or new card if you're going to need access after the specified expiry date on your card.

Use a lanyard

Attached your ID card to a lanyard to keep it secure when wearing the card around your neck will make sure your ID card is always ready for use and it won't be misplaced. To demonstrate your support for a particular cause or organisation, you could also attach your ID card to an awareness lanyard. With purple lanyards to support breast cancer, or a lanyard to support the troops, there are a range of lanyard options available for everyone.

Pre-printed lanyards that detail your role in an organization or at an event is also a great way for people to identify you. These lanyards can be used to detail your role or whether you are a visitor.

Wear a retractable badge reel

If you don't like wearing anything around your neck, try wearing your ID card on a retractable badge reel. Available in different colours and styles, a retractable bade reel will keep your ID card right by your side. With the ability to move your ID card out from the reel at any time, you can easily swipe your ID card to access your workplace, go through security, and do tasks like retrieving printing.

Store your card in the same place when not in use

When you're not wearing your ID card on a lanyard or bade reel, keep it in a safe place. This might be in your purse or backpack or in the place where you keep your wallet, keys and other essentials. By identifying a regular place to leave your ID card when it's not in use, you'll ensure you don't misplace your card.

Keep your ID card in good condition

When you have an ID card for a long time, sometimes it can be hard to keep in condition. This can make it difficult to use all of the functionality of your card so you should  keep the card protected in a badge holder. Available in a rage of flexible and rigid materials and colours, a badge holder will keep your card in good condition, protect it from damage and extend its lifespan.

Your ID card, whether it's for work or other events, is important for your everyday life. The card may help you access your workplace, identify yourself at events, or identify yourself as a visitor. Make sure you follow the steps above to ensure your ID cards are kept safe and secure in every situation.