now offers RFID solutions now offers RFID solutions now carries a comprehensive asset tracking and surveillance package, the Nox Sting Kit, along with a full line of RFID tags.

Not only does RFID work magic for the supply chain and asset tracking/inventory control, but it also makes a world of difference in the security, surveillance, and evidence fields.  The Nox Sting Kit is a unique Plug-and-Play RFID and video surveillance solution that reveals on a facility map the movements of people and assets in real time.

Scenario: your company wants to track the movements (check in/out) and total inventory of over 1,000 high value assets. You want to be sure that no asset leaves your premises without anyone knowing exactly which asset left, when and who took it. 

Solution: the Nox Sting Kit! You’ll be ready in 5 easy steps:  

  1. Tag all of your assets with RFID.
  2. Give RFID embedded security ID cards to verified employees. 
  3. Set up RFID readers and cameras at entrances/exits to secure areas. 
  4. When an employee exits the secure area, the asset is "checked-out" to him, which "releases" the asset from inventory, allowing the employee to exit the secure area (passing by the RFID reader) without setting off an alarm.  
  5. Now if an asset leaves the room (with permission, without permission, or even by accident), you will know which asset left, when and who took it.

Other uses of RFID for security, surveillance and evidence include:

  • Security alerts: Readers along conveyor belts will alert you when a shipping box is miss-packed (over/under packed or packed with the wrong item)
  • Surveillance: you’ll get video evidence of proper/improper packing
  • Evidence: Every load of goods shipped is recorded on video to determine what happened.  If goods go missing, you can see who took the items out or what may have happened.

Click here for a quick video on the Nox Sting kit.

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