How to Print the Perfect Loyalty Card for Your Business

How to Print the Perfect Loyalty Card for Your Business

Does your business operate a loyalty card scheme? Most people are familiar with schemes where special deals or discounts are provided for customers who can present their store loyalty cards are the checkout. If you haven’t yet embraced the loyalty card idea then perhaps it is time you considered the benefits. Loyalty card schemes can be matched to almost any retail environment including grocery stores, luxury gift shops, and department stores. While the benefits of such schemes for the customer are obvious many retailers do not appreciate that there are also significant benefits for them which come from issuing loyalty cards.

Why run a loyalty card program?

Running a loyalty card program offers a lot of advantages for retailers, two of the most important are:

  • Data gathering - Issuing loyalty cards allows you to gather data and easily identify which products are purchased most frequently, which brands are most likely to be purchased and how much individual customers are spending.
  • Increased customer retention - If a customer can be persuaded to be loyal to your brand then they are likely to shop with you more frequently, and spend more, simply because they know they will be rewarded for it. Increasing customer retention is vital for the success of your business. Even a small 5% increase in customer retention can lead to a revenue increase of 25% or more. Retaining your existing customers and encouraging them to spend more is always cheaper than attracting new customers.

Starting a loyalty card program

To begin your loyalty card program you will need to purchase appropriate software and then integrate it with your existing POS system. Once you have the loyalty card software set-up you will need to think about printing your loyalty cards and issuing them to your customers. At first glance, you might think that creating your own, unique secure loyalty cards in sufficient volume is going to be difficult and time-consuming but it doesn’t need to be.  

Printing your loyalty cards

Loyalty cards can be quickly created and encoded using a conventional ID card printer such as the Fargo DTC1500 ID Card Printer which can print monochrome loyalty cards in only six seconds and full-color loyalty cards in just sixteen seconds. Using this printer allows the inclusion of superb security features such as custom overlay watermark and resin scramble data protection so you can be sure that your cards cannot be duplicated and all of the data encoded onto the card remains secure.

Another, equally secure, printer which you could use to create your new loyalty cards is the Magicard Rio Pro 360. This new Rio Pro 360 is the fastest printer yet created by Magicard and can create up to 200 full-color cards in a single hour. The Pro 360 allows the rapid creation of vibrant, color-rich cards which will create a quality impression of your business and provide your customers with a loyalty card they will be able to use for many years. Whether you opt for a Fargo or a Magicard printer you can be sure getting a professionally printed loyalty card. Fargo YMCKO ribbons can print your cards in full color on one side or two sides of your cards. If you prefer just to have color on one side and black text on the other then a YMCKOK ribbon would be ideal. If you opt for the Magicard printer then make sure you purchase the matching Magicard color ribbon since these ribbons are specially calibrated to suit the single or dual-sided Magicard printers.

Both of these printers are supplied with a comprehensive warranty so you can have complete confidence that should anything go wrong there is no risk to your business, and the printer will soon be printing great loyalty cards once again.

If your company is considering implementing a loyalty card program then we will be happy to suggest the most suitable solution for encoding and printing your loyalty cards. Call us today to find out how easy it is to print great loyalty cards for your customers.