Expiring Visitor Badges

Expiring Visitor Badges

The use of self-expiring visitor ID badges has increased significantly in recent years. Being able to quickly identify who should and should not be lurking around your facility is key to providing an adequate level of security. Facilities today are requiring that a photo ID be presented upon arrival. The information is then scanned into their system and they issue an ID badge that will automatically expire when visitation is up. Easy to use software programs streamline this process and also add an additional layer of security with watch lists and evacuation reports.

Some visitor badge suppliers have personalized visitor badge capabilities that can be implemented into a business for free. Other offer cost-effective options can handle the job nicely. Sometimes it can be easy to lose papers and physical visitor badge charts. Because of this, implementing visitor badge software can be an essential part of keeping your business organized and your client base current. Some of these programs will even allow you to print your own visitor badges and will automatically cross-file data.


If you are in need of a temporary solution, put your worries to rest. ID Security Online offers you 24-hour temporary ID badges void after a single day of use. Guarantee that visitors cannot attempt access to your secure facility after their allotted time with these state-of-the-art passes that are disposable and simple to use. Budget and personalized badges give you a number of options to create economical and secure ID badges for your high-security facility or organization. These visitor passes are ideal for government agencies, high-security warehouses or research facilities. With these expiring visitor badges, you can:

Personalize your one-day visitor passes for special events.

Choose from economical Budget Badges or personalized one-day passes.

•'VOID' sign appears after 24 hours of use.

Choose from different colors and custom ID badge printing options.