Duplex Photo ID System

Duplex Photo ID System

The Duplex Photo ID System comes with ID card software, a digital ID Camera, and all the ID card and badge supplies necessary to immediately start printing ID cards. Dual-sided ID card systems are similar to Single Sided ID Card Systems, except all dual-sided ID card systems will automatically print both sides of your ID Badge. All duplex photo ID systems include card printer warranties, options to upgrade to the latest encoding technologies, and more. Double-sided photo ID card printers were designed with the capability to print on one side of an ID card. Printing on both sides is achieved simultaneously by the printer. Furthermore, double-sided photo ID card printers are typically smaller in size and can be easily moved from one location to the next.

Dual-Side photo ID Systems save time by allowing you to print on both sides of an ID card in a single pass. These duplex systems are designed to maximize the potential of any ID card program and allow program operators more flexibility when it comes to incorporating design elements, security features, and functions. At ID Security Online, our duplex photo ID systems have everything you need to print beautiful full color ID cards in less than 60 minutes after opening the boxes. Cut and paste cards are a relic of the past; photo ID printing is now! We offer a full-service for ID card printer parts and repair.  We also carry a complete line of ribbons, cards and supplies for your ID systems needs.

ID Security Online’s dual sided photo ID system is the perfect solution for medium to high volume applications requiring dual-sided credentials. Our  ID software allows you to create your own database and design your own card layouts. With ribbons and card feeder loading, our ID card printing supplies offers good quality output for printing 500 color ID cards effortlessly at a very competitive price. This ID system is the ideal solution if you are looking to update your Reception facilities with a professional visitor management system.

Our duplex photo ID system is applicable to card applications such as:

  • Employee ID Cards
  • Access Control Cards
  • Phone Cards
  • Club Membership Cards
  • Student ID Cards
  • Event Pass Cards
  • Gaming Cards
  • Debit Cards
  • Gift Certificate Cards and more...