Convenient Accessories and Cameras for Visitor Badges

Convenient Accessories and Cameras for Visitor Badges

Getting the most out of your ID card system and printer means having the right accessories at hand. Creating visitor badges is one thing; ease of use, function and utility are another. You need to have the right badge - and card-related accessories to efficiently produce cards on the spot, provide card users the means (tools) to carry, wear and use them properly, and give your personnel the ability to easily spot expired temporary badges.

When visitors arrive you want to be ready to quickly get them on their way and into your facilities with confidence and convenience (and without risks to security). After all, who wants to annoy visitors or interrupt their experience with, or impression of, the company? No one likes to be held up when they’re on a mission. Yet, when issuing temporary identification for visitors, vendors, short-term employees and contractors companies must ensure the badges afford requisite security and control features.

To promptly create a visitor badge you can trust, it’s smart to start with a great tool known as the “self-expiring” badge. This patented Visually Changing Paper (VCP) technology causes cards made with the material to reveal a message, color or visual pattern after a specified number of hours or days to indicate the badge is void or expired. Also available are “security seals” (aka timing covers or expiring time spots), which are adhesive blank labels that change color over time to indicate expiration. The ability to visually recognize an expired visitor badge dramatically improves security and control of your business environment.

To be prepared and ready to accommodate visitors without a hitch you’ll need to have suitable badge accessories on hand—from lanyards, holders and clips, to wristwear, magnets and self-expiring badges. These accessories allow your guests and temporary workers to keep, protect and display visitor badges properly. They also diminish the risk of loss and can provide another layer of security through color coding.

For companies using photos on their visitor badges, you’ll also need the right photo-processing capabilities. You want to quickly and conveniently snap the shot, load the image, print the visitor badge — so your company can get on with business.

A big part of an effective visitor badge program is the camera. So is the right photo ID software. These are very important accessories to an effective visitor-badge program.

You want a camera specially designed and optimized for ID card photography (the cameras work exceptionally well for all card-printing applications) and image-processing software with automatic face detection, face crop, image resizing and enhancement (sometimes called face tracking). These special photo ID cameras create crisp, high-quality ID badge photos because unlike other digital cameras they use CCD sensors with fewer—but higher quality—pixels, which is ideal for printing HD photos on plastic cards.

These features enable you to quickly snap and adjust visitor images and issue the card in a seamless process.

Cameras designed for ID card photos are typically tripod ready and compatible with PC and Mac operating systems. They have auto-focus features and provide exceptionally sharp (HD) images to ensure ready recognition and are designed to simply and easily capture high-quality photo IDs on the spot, and transmit the images to your ID card printer via your computer’s ID card software. Simply connect the camera to your computer and you can snap images that integrate with your ID card software instantly.

With the right ID card camera, self-expiring cards, and other ID card accessories, your visitors will come and go quickly, easily, and securely. Everyone’s happy.

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