Badge Accessories Essentials

Badge Accessories Essentials

A successful badge program requires some durable and secure tools for them to be appropriately displayed. ID Security Online stocks an abundant supply of useful badge accessories. They include:

  • Lanyards
  • Strap Clips
  • Photo ID Accessories
  • Neckwear and Wristwear
  • Badge Reels
  • Badge Holders

If unique badges or lanyards are needed, ID Security Online will customize them for you. To enhance a brand or promote a company, a logo can be added.


People who work with kids find the lanyards offered by ID Security Online hold up to wear-and-tear. One of the most creative uses for lanyards was pairing them with scientist ID badges for a Science themed party.  Another person used them at a birthday party. The invitations were made to look like VIP backstage passes. One more parent bought lanyards for a son to hold the collector tickets for a monster truck show. They have been used for members of a Business Communication Seminar panel.

Badge Reels

Retractable badge reels are used to attach badges for easy access. They come in various colours and sizes. The badge reels out to swipe or show an ID card effortlessly. There are heart-shaped, round, and square badge reels.  A wide variety of opaque and translucent materials are used to add an accent of colour.

One person who bought a badge reel described it as a 'snazzy' way to display ID without fumbling around in a wallet or purse. Some companies issue badges but not a lanyard or clip for them. Individuals have purchased badge reels and shared the idea with co-workers to prevent losing their badges.

Badge Holders

These items are perfect for protecting and extending the lifespan of cards. The ID Security Online badge holders are available in vertical and horizontal versions. There are rigid, semi-rigid, and flexible options to accommodate the application. The company also carries proximity and magnetic technology cards. Data is secured when the badge is displayed. There are many styles and colours from which to choose.

Badge holders with built-in wallets prevent having to carry around a wallet or purse while working and having to worry about it being stolen. Cards and money are safely attached to the wearer. People who do not use the lanyard part have purchased these badge holders.

Strap Clips

The vinyl clips are an inexpensive and easy way to display a badge when all that is needed is a simple means of attaching the badge to clothing. Clips that attached to badges separately are preferred by some people who purchase strap clips.

The modality does not tear off the back of badges. Attaching the clips after inserting cards into badge holders makes assembly easy. They can be used over and over again. The clips are easy to use and have an attractive appearance. People have used the strap clips for seminars and meetings. 

Luggage Accessories

ID Security Online offers rugged and tough luggage straps made from genuine leather and other luggage accessories made from plastic or nickel-plated chain. They come in a variety of colours and dimensions. The accessories are most often used to identify moveable belongings.

Customers like the neon coloured tags that are offered. They are used for backpacks, camera bags, and luggage. The neon colours enhance the ease of identifying bags from a distance. The nickel-plated steel ball chains are ideal for keys and key fobs. Women like them because they don't break fingernails when prying them apart.

Neck and Wrist Wear

Wrist and neckwear comfortably and conveniently hold badges in place. They are available in different bead sizes and a choice of steel or plastic. Magnets, clip pins, and badge reels are kept in close and accessible locations.

The brass-plated steel beaded necklace chain is thought to be a 'cool' by one person who purchased some of these chains. The reviewer cited that they could be used for many things and shared some with friends. Any pendant or charm can be made into a necklace with one of these chains.

Clip Pins and Magnets

The clip pins and magnets are multipurpose, stylish, and lightweight. One customer who purchased bulldog clips uses them as eyeglass holders. They are attached to a lanyard or chain. The user also replaced the loops of existing glass holders. Clips do not come off the glasses as often as loops.

There is no chain dangling in front of someone's face or ears. Attached to ends of the temples, they hold very well. They are ideal for child projects. The clips are small and sturdy which makes them useful craft tools.

Visitor Badges

The visitor badges offered by ID Security Online are affordable, practical, and simple. They have VCP (Visually Changing Paper) technology. The technology uses printing and coating capabilities that create a design, colour, or message after a specific amount of time.

A chemical reaction causes a visible alteration in appearance through either a changed colour or by slanted red lines appearing. The change voids the badge. The badges can be made to expire immediately, within four hours, eighteen hours, a week or a month. They are used as temporary ID for contractors, temporary employees, vendors, and visitors.